Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What to Write About

Here I am, a couple of weeks into being a blogger and I'm drawing a complete blank on what to write about. All I can think of is things I shouldn't write about.

1. There's a strict moratorium here at Polybloggimous on even using the word for what we did yesterday. There's no firm date set for the expiration of the moratorium, but its probably sometime in 2013.

2. I can't comment (intelligently) on the State of the Union Address because:
a.) I was reading a book and only half paid attention.
b.) who cares what he said.
c.) I'm more than happy to respond to other people talking politics, but I don't think I'm ever going to take the position of being any kind of authority.

2. (Part 2) I did notice two things during the address. First, I heard what Bush had to say about Immigration and my first reaction was, "That makes sense." My second thought, which followed the first almost immediately was, "I must not have heard him right, or he must have been lying". Yes, things are great when I have to assume that any time the President says something I agree with it means I either didn't hear him right of he was lying.

Lacking anything else of import to discuss, I'll throw this question out to my thousands of loyal readers. Should Polybloggimous have one or two G's. This question has been nagging at me. What do you think. I can't promise to go with majority rules.


Janiece said...

Two, because I have the link on my blog that way. And I'm, you know, lazy.

Shawn Powers said...

Yeah, two. What are you thinking man? ;)

Anonymous said...

Two Gs. Looks better that way.


Yeah, two. And I'm also lazy about my blogroll.

I have some thoughts - less analytical than cultural - on the state of the union address. As I hit the third paragraph, I realized I should probably blog it myself. So I deleted that part, and you're left with this. ;)

Nathan said...

WEll Jeri, that's just plain selfish.

MWT said...

Now that I've seen it with two g's for a while, it looks right that way. So leave it alone!

*ambles over to Jeri's to see her thoughts on the address*

Jeff Hentosz said...

Sorry I'm late on this. You can breathe out now.

Two "g"s, G. Because grammar demands one "g" followed by "i" be pronounced soft, as in "poly-blodg-imous" and that just sounds, um, stupid.

Nathan said...

Well I'm pretty attached to both G's, but now you're telling me there are rules?