Saturday, January 26, 2008

Guilt. Witness its massive powers.

Somehow, I've managed to get too busy to post anything here for the last two days and I haven't added anything to the book blog for an entire week! Bad Blogger!

Later today, I'll add two posts, (count'em two) here. We need to talk about Hijack™ Day if its going to happen and I need to add something original to talk about if I'm going to keep you all scampering back here. I don't know what I'm going to come up with that will get all of your synapses popping but there'll be something here later today for your amusement.


Janiece said...

I was going to say something, but you know, I figured your inherent Jewish Guilt would take care of it for me.

And it did. HA!

Shawn Powers said...

I actually thought of you this morning. We took the girls out to breakfast, and I told the story about your Grandmother thinking Burger King's bacon, egg, and cheese bagels were an abomination.

It was actually a pretty good conversation with them. :)

So even in your absence, you make a difference. It's like residual blogging effects. You has it.

But yeah, get back to blogging, you lazy S.O.B.

Nathan said...

I put up the promised two new posts, so my guilt is absolved and gone. Hah. Take that, guilt.

I remember when a friend's mother told my mother that she was thrilled about the new "imitation bacon bits". She really liked the idea that she could keep a kosher home and still get that bacony goodness.

From that day on one of Mom's favorite jokes was:

What do you call a Jew with "imitation bacon" in their kitchen?

Answer: Protestant.

She was always real big on "spirit of the law" interpretations. :-)

Jeff Hentosz said...

Bad blogger!? Ha, hahhh, sucka -- typical blogger, more like. You're actually right on schedule.

It's just like when something is so shiny and new on Christm... I mean, your birthday. For a week it's with you every minute. You sleep and bathe with it. Then a couple weeks out, it's getting old. Within a month you can't remember if anyone even wished you a Happy Birthday.

That's blogging for most people.

However, here's hoping you do develop the habit, 'cause buddy, you one entertaining east coast elite.

Nathan said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jeff.

I'll have you know that however much I wanted to blog in the shower, I checked with Apple ProCare first and they recommended against it.

Jeff Hentosz said...

You're just under-equipped. You need to shower with a Bluetooth headset that ties in with your iPhone that communicates through VoIP to the voice recognition on your MacBook that transcribes your dictation via an AppleScript and submits it to Blogger.


You realize I have no clue what I'm talking about, right? Sounds pretty authentic though, huh?

Nathan said...


y tiad wut u zed ant it verx!

::please deposit twenty-five cents to continue your call::

::click click::

thu waaater n ze hedzetz z bed tho.

Anonymous said...

If you wear a bluetooth headset, wouldn't you be unable to clean one of your ears? That would be bad, over time.

Is it guilt - or is it shame?

MWT said...

He could alternate which ear the bluetooth thing is in. Then it wouldn't get quite so grungy.

I'd berate you on your lack of posts but then I'd be a hypocrite. ;)

Nathan said...

Lack of Posts? Lack of Posts?

Today's been like the day the ExLax finally kicks in!