Friday, January 18, 2008

Step Away From the Blog

GF was kind enough to make me aware that shortly before Eight, this morning, a raving lunatic took over my blog and started posting some of the most ridiculous drivel I've ever seen. I have no idea what he was going on about. The whole thing is completely baffling.

I apologize to my thousands of readers who have come to expect much more erudite, witty and Eureka-inducing content here. I have wrested the keypad from him and banished him forever. If I had one, I'd have applied the Shovel of Doom ™ to him. I had to settle for the cast-iron skillet. A most satisfying [sfx]Boy-yoy-yoing[/sfx] was produced.

I am also informed that he installed some sort of worm that caused unrelated and sometimes unintelligible comments to infiltrate some of my readers' threads. For this I humbly apologize. I will endeavor to keep that maniac away from the blog and to only bring you the quality to which you have become accustomed.


Random Michelle K said...

(pours shot of Jameson)

Tania said...

You'll not hide my alternate identity as your sockpuppet that easily! Hah!! Hah!!

Janiece said...

::Enjoys a Light Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade::

Tag. You're it.

And you can borrow the Shovel of Doom™ when required. Although I like cast-iron skillet, as well.


::Saunters off::

Janiece said...

Tania, it just occured to me that if your alternate identity is Nathan's Sockpuppet, and my alternate identity is Jim's Bug-Eating Bitch-Girl, then who are all teh rest of these yahoo's?

Random Michelle K said...

Well, one of my favorite alter egos was The Goddess of Sarcasm - this is pretty self-explanatory.

Nathan said...


Regardless of how much I was able to confuse myself yesterday, you guys have confused me more. I no longer have any idea whatsoever what we're talking about.

Anne C. said...

I think organized chaos is really hard to pull off, Nathan. Actually, if you think about it, the chaos of the last day or so has been a direct result of your ideas. So, you succeeded, just not as planned out as you originally thought. ;)

Nathan said...


I'm not saying I didn't have fun. I did. And judging by the level of chaos elsewhere, I'm pretty sure the rest of you did too. But yeah, you're right, trying to do it in any kind of coordinated fashion is...hard!

That doesn't mean I'll give up though. :-)

Janiece said...

Entropy = Fun.

Because the idea of Entropy is that nature tends from order to disorder in isolated systems.

Is Nathan's blog an isolated system?

Tom said...

I'm a Spider-Eating Man-Bitch, in thrall to the Godess of Scarcasm. I'll take care of that worm. Worms, yummm!

I'm also the anti-chaos. When I visit, entropy decreases.