Monday, January 28, 2008

International Hijack™ Day is over.

And I pronounce it a resounding success. You all have my thanks for your enthusiastic participation.

First, some stats:

10 full participants
3 or 4 drop in visitors (by my count)
315 overall comments made. (including on the e)
Comments from Croatia.
Comments in Dutch (but I think from within the continental U.S.)
Who got the most comments? Me ::gloat::! 34 comments here. FTW!
Shawn managed to get the second most comments and he didn't even show up until around 3:00pm. Bahstahd!

I don't know about your sites, but I got 116 hits today. This blows away my usual average of 9.

My favorite moment? When Anne's family turned up and said WTF?

And what have we learned?

Not much. First of all, we should listen to MWT. MWT was the first to point out that this was indeed, completely, irredeemably, utterly retarded! And it was. So I bid adieu to The First Annual International Hijack™ Day. And if there's a second, it won't be at my instigation.

(Although, I'm perfectly capable of coming up with something differently Retarded.)


Random Michelle K said...

I'm telling you, a Calvinball game.

Easier to follow, but still goofy.

Tania said...

Retarded? Naah. Goofy and silly, oh yes.

Oy, keeping up with the blogs and the rest of my life, that was a challenge. I still wish I'd remembered to comment on South Park, motorcycles, and a few other things.

It was fun, in a madcap sorta way. Now, off to class.

ESM F622 Engineering Decisions
Risk and uncertainty in engineering decisions. Basic applied probability and statistics, data analysis, regression analysis and time series. Practical applications of decision tools: linear programming, inventory analysis, queuing, network models, utility theory. Engineering judgment and uncertainty. Public safety and ethics. A class project and paper are required.

Nathan said...

Well Jeez Tania

That class sounds like a lot of fun:-)

And I said it was retarded. I didn't say it wasn't fun. The fact that we were actually doing it had me in stitches all day.

And Michelle, I was going to thank you again for the Calvinball reference. I had completely forgotten about Calvinball.

Now, its time to watch the State of the Union address. Almost as much fun as Tania's class.

MWT said...

Excellent game hosting, Nathan. :) Definitely not something to do more than once a year (if ever again). I think what we've learned is that there's a reason for having separated comment threads for different topics. ;)

That person who wrote in Dutch might well have been coming from Canada - if you're using statcounter, they can be really terrible about pinning down the right locations. But Croatia is still farther, so I still win. :)

Anonymous said...

It was really fun. Nathan, thank you for thinking of the idea and organizing the day.

And Tania, I'd really enjoy that class... but I'm totally geeky about that kind of stuff.

Calvinball rules!

Anne C. said...

I loved the Calvinball references. It was a great reminder for how silly and rule-less it was supposed to be.
My sister said she went to some of the other blogs and saw where Nathan said "hee hee, the Grabill Family doesn't know what's going on!" She wanted to say something, but thought the day was over (one of the most random things about it was the starting and ending times).

As for comments that didn't get to be made, I think you can still comment, just in the proper place after this.

I thought MWT's "retarded" comment was hilarious, not because the game really was, but because it was in the same tone as the game. The game was silly and like a children's game and "retarded" is a silly, childish way to describe it. Like we're all on the schoolbus (the short one? ;)

It was fun, but like everyone else am not likely to do it again any time in the next decade.

Nathan said...

When I was in college, one of my best friends had a running gag where he'd say, "My girlfriend called me a towel on the trunk" and we'd all laugh hysterically. No, you don't get it. But we did.

In the future, don't be surprised if I jump in with "The Grabill Family is confused".

MWT said...

Hey, the rules said that flames were allowed - so that was my contribution. ;)

Tom said...

Yes, fun, crazy, goofy, retarded, not likely to be repeated soon, cool, unusual, and all that! I was glad to be a part of it, and not apart from it.

So now that things are back to usual, if you want to comment on a post, do, even if it was a Hijack post. Like MWT said, there is a reason for the regular way to do things.

But we have a bunch of shared "lore" that no one else has. I'd be surprised if it doesn't get referred to in the future.

Thanks, Nathan, for instigating, and to all for our creativity and flexibility. I had a (Calvin?) ball.

Janiece said...

Nathan is now a retarded poopy-head.

But, of course, I say that with love.

Shawn Powers said...

I think I only got a bunch of comments, because it was safe to say anything on my blog. I hadn't participated, so mine was like neutral ground. :)

It was an interesting experience to come in late in the game. The comments on my own site were hilarious to read, especially since I had NO frame of reference for them.

I would venture that HiJack day was at least as fun to watch as it was to play. Possibly more so.

Nathan said...

This conversation keeps reminding me of one of the worst jokes I've ever heard...that made me laugh out loud.

Why is winning an argument on the internet like getting a gold medal at the Special Olympics?

Because even though you may have beaten everyone else, you're still a retard.

I hate myself.

Unknown said...

Yay! I know that the Grabill Family supports me in this when I say that "let's see what else Nathan can come up with as a follow-up on Blogjack Day."

Nathan said...

Welcome to the party Brenda.

I promise I'll come up with more lunatic schemes, but it'll be a little while. Yesterday was exhausting.