Monday, January 14, 2008

Wow! I'm bi-bloggular!

So, just a few weeks ago, I was all, "I'm not gonna have a blog" for a bunch of reasons, and here I am with two of 'em. I'm bi-bloggular or is that polybloggimous? The only reason I threw this site together was that I saw the story about the English graffiti guy and felt like telling everyone. I didn't want to throw it in the middle of the book, so, voila...Nathan haz muzings.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this place, but hopefully I can make it worth visiting. One thing I've noticed is that most of the rest of you guys seem to blog from work. (How the hell do you ever get anything done?) I'm the opposite. When I'm working, I'm running around all over the city and that's not really conducive to whipping out the laptop. Also, at least here in NYC (especially in the winter), there's very few places to sit down. (In the summer there's a bazzillion parks and my internet-anywhere-dongle works...anywhere).

Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to type bi-bloggular. Gotta go check stats over on the book and see what the rest of you are talking about today.

In fact, this post has inspired me to rename the whole damned thing. :-)


Anonymous said...

I usually write blog posts at night - I have more time and creative energy then. But I sometimes cruise blogs and comment during the day - depending on my schedule and how many really mind-numbing audio conferences I am not paying attention to. ;)

I became bi-bloggular (great name) last summer but wasn't able to keep up the second, a professional/technical blog that required really solid articles. It's still there - I post to it about once a month now.

Nathan said...

Bi-bloggular popped into my head on the subway and I knew I needed some excuse to post it.

I suspect I'll figure out something to blog about as time goes on. I'll just be trying stuff out until I see what seems to work.

Janiece said...

Nathan, you are so inconsiderate.

I have to go and change the link on Hot Chicks from "Nathan Noticed Something" to "Polybloggimous."

I have to admit, though, that "Polybloggimous" is a funny word to say, like "pickle" or "perpendicular."

Nathan said...

Its all part of my evil plan, Janiece. Soon, it will all be evident.


MWT said...


Heheheh. Blog making is addictive. I'm up to ... *counts* ... 4 and a half. Don't worry, once you start spending time thinking about stuff to blog about, topics will magically appear. :)

Nathan said...


I'm told that when you can't think of anything, there's always cat pictures.

Memo to self. Wake up the cats and teach them to pose.

MWT said...

Yeah, being a cat staffer has its advantages. Me, I have no pets, so all last November during Nanowrimo I had to make do with pictures of trees.

Oh, and I have a desk job. I'm in front of the computer all day long, and about half of my job involves watching computers crunch numbers with some occasional button clicking. There's plenty of time to surf and chat online and still get stuff done. ;)