Saturday, January 19, 2008

Technical Difficulties...I haz them!

Shawn Powers, who not only rocks but posts video of it, was kind enough to look at the HTML coding necessary to make my posts "collapse" on the book blog and send me instructions on how to make it work. I want each chapter to show up as maybe one paragraph and then have a "read more" link. I just think it would be easier to navigate that way.

Well, like I said, Shawn figured it out, tested it and sent me an example, and then sent me detailed instructions (with screenshots) telling me where to insert the tags. Truly above and beyond the call of duty (especially considering that his duty here is zilch, nada, zippo).

Stupidity. I have it. I get through step #1 fine. I hit the wall at step #2. Can Not Find the tags I'm supposed to be looking for. They've got to be there, since I sent him a clone of the HTML Template. He found them. So they're there.

And, while I've been typing here, Shawn just popped up in my email offering IM support in real time. How much does Shawn rock? Shawn rocks like Springsteen at the Stone Pony back in 1973.

I'm off to pound round pegs into square holes. Wish me luck.

Update 7:50 p.m.: Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh! (Just had to be said).


Shawn Powers said...

Eh, I'm not all that great. I tend to tease people incessantly about things like chicken liver, and I rarely shave on the weekends. So you're getting help from a pretty shabby looking individual. :)

Janiece said...

Shawn truly is made of teh Awesome.

And shaving is always optional on the weekend, unless you have to Go Somewhere.

Nathan said...

I for one, consider shaving to be optional on any day ending in a "y"...and I get Two O'clock shadow.