Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

UPDATE: I no longer care what movie you think was mis-cast (as if I ever did in the first place). Now I'd like you to Google Apples and PitBulls. Pick two words that have no relation whatsoever. Google them. Tell us the hilarious results.

EXAMPLE: A search for "Space Station Yogurt" resulted in the following:

Today there is a Russian yogurt cultured from bacteria in the saliva and guts of cosmonauts aboard Mir station. Spaceflight stress upset their immunity, according to the Moscow Institute of Biomedical Problems. That allowed bad bacteria to attack good bacteria. Microbiologists developed the yogurt in the 1980s as a remedy. Cosmonauts ate yogurt before blast-off. Today, it comes as fruit-flavored yogurt, cottage cheese and traditional Russian cheeses studded with garlic and herbs.

This is news to me.

The First Annual International Hijack™ Day
has arrived!
(Well, when the clock below counts down to zero, at least)
(That means wait for the clock to count down)

I'm posting this early just to give you all some idea of what your post should look like. Or you can ignore my example completely! Here's the rules.

-Do not respond to me in my own thread. Go to one of the other participant's blogs and respond there.

-Do not respond to other participants in their own threads. Go to one of the other participant's blogs and respond there.

-If you're responding to a comment in a thread, do it somewhere else.

-If one of the participants has failed to put up a Hijack™ Day post, Hijack their most recent thread with your non-sequiter comments. Serves 'em right, I say.

-Post the rules so your readers know what the hell is going on. If you feel like operating by a different set of rules, fine. Just include them in your starting Post.

-You should either include all the links of participating blogs in your post or you can just link my post so that everyone knows who is playing.

-After posting all of this crap, make sure you include the "audience participation" part so that there's something to respond to. (Duh!)

-New Rule I just thought of: Creative flaming and name-calling are hereby deemed most welcome during the 24-hour playing period. I think being pissy out of context could be most excellent!

-If you are late to the game, email me (address linked in my profile), and I'll add you to the list.

-By all means, invite your own readers to play. Just send them here to sign on.

-Lastly, if I've included your blog and you didn't really mean to sign on, email me and I'll remove you from the list.

What's the point of all this. Nothing whatsoever. As someone pointed out, its difficult to organize chaos. So, the hell with organization. Chaos for its own sake. I expect the resulting threads to look like a meeting of Bipolar Disorder meets Tourette's Syndrome suffers.

BTW, any response to this post in this thread will be grounds for disqualification. There's other posts on the subject where you can ask questions or introduce other ideas. Just sayin'.

The players (in no particular order) are:

Who am I to say?

Random (but not really)
Smug Puppies
The Blog of Siram
Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men
Stonekettle Station
Anne's Public Storage Space
The Brain of Shawn
Snavely's Web Log

My Audience Participation Portion.

What movie do you think was completely mis-cast. Why did you think some actor(s) sucked in their role? Who would have been better.

Your opinions will be graded. Harshly!


Jim Wright said...

Well, frankly this is less a cool idea if you have kids, because hijacking a conversation is what they do. Example:

Me, speaking to wife: "We need to start looking into homes for my folks."
Wife: "Dad drooling on the cat again?"
Me: "No, he thinks the Constitution is out of date. Rush Limbaugh told him so."
Wife: "Yeah, I'll start checking around"
Son: "Look! I made a Star Destroyer with my legos."
Me: "Not now."
Wife: It'll just take a second..."
Me: "But I was just getting warmed up..."
Son: "Look, I put a lego up my nose."
Wife: "Holy Shit! I'll get my coat, we'll need to go to the doctor!"
Son: "Ahhhh, nononono!"
Me: "Screw that, I'll get my needle nose pliers."
Son: "Ahhhh, nonononono!"
Wife: "Well, while you've got the pliers, see if you can fix the sash on the bedroom shade, will you?"
Me: "Sure, but...uh what were we talking about?"
Wife: "Your folks are nuts, now go get the pliers..."
Son: "Ahhhhh!"

Jim Wright said...

And, yeah, I read the rules, and I posted here anyway.

As a Hijacker, I really have no regard for your rules. No regard.

Nathan said...

You're in under the wire. The game hasn't started yet.

But if you do it again, its the Gas Grill of Retribution for you, pal.


Tania said...

At home I use a laptop. It's an IBM/Lenovo T60p with an Intel T2600 2.16 GHz and 2 G of RAM.

Random Michelle K said...

(jumps from the red safety zone into the backwards zone)

!worromt krow ot og tnaw t'nod I

.mom ym htiw yknarc osla m'I

!etalocohc deeN

Tania said...

Jim, I have a package of Bob's Red Mill Multigrain that I am planning on trying out, in the crockpot. Haven't yet, but I'll share my opinion when I try it.

Off to buy cat food. I don't want the kitties to eat me.

Janiece said...

Nathan's a Poopyhead, and that's why I appreciate him. Really.

Tom said...

Jeri, not sure I on board with this Nathan Appreciation Day thing. He's the guy that thought up this Hijack junk. Well, not thought it up, practiced it until you weren't sure what was going to show up. Tania going on Jeopardy. Chocolate. Getting so a guy can't have a moment of peace!

Random Michelle K said...

Someone has never played Calvinball apparently!

(draws a hopping zone around Nathan)

Tom said...

Janiece, it's got to be Huckabee. My biggest fear is patterned after Heinlein's "If This Goes On..."

My personal experience with Southern Baptist ministers indicated they are 3 parts showman and 1 part conman.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, you're faster, but I'm a better speller.

I call for a upside down and backward sudden death two-ball duel.

And poopyhead Nathan's rules didn't cover this, he gets five minutes in the penalty box. With a pissed cat. And an overhead sprinkler on.

Random Michelle K said...

See, I love blues AND jazz. Although my love of jazz started with big band music. I mean, Fats Waller, how could anyone not love his music? So my interest in jazz--and eventually blues--grew from there.

Plus? My Dad loves jazz, and when I was little, and he thought everyone was out of the house, he'd sometimes put on his jazz records and sing and clap and stomp along to the music.

To appreciate just how awesome this was, you have to understand that my Dad can't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

MWT said...

Oh that figures. Jeri beat me to not-here. Guess that's what I get for not reading any of the comments before commenting.

Tom said...

Oh, now I get it! JINX!


Random Michelle K said...

(looks further on top shelf)

Oooh! Did you see what ELSE is up here?

Molten lava chocolate cake! Fresh out of the oven!


Jeri, you can keep what you found, I'll keep this.

Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously? Pink rhinoceri in tutus? I think you've been watching too much Fantasia.

Tania said...

Huckabee makes me think of Revolt in 2100 and The Handmaid's Tale. Yikes.

Paul seems to be the only candidate familiar with the constitution, but he's still a nutbar.

Me, I like Gravel, because he's got moxie. But I'm not yet completely sure who I'll be voting for.

Anne C. said...

MWT, my first hint of Hijack Day starting was in fact, via my StatCounter, which has, of course, gone through the roof.

Tom said...

Does anybody else think feeding Mimosas to 3-year-olds is just a little strange?

Shame on you, Anne C.

By the way, I think Anne C. having a friend named Stay C. is funny! I wonder if they're related?

Random Michelle K said...

More people?

I dunno... with more people I think we'd be able to post less, just through sheer confusion.

Of course I'm all for a Calvinball day, to take place across as many blogs as possible.

That would be fun!

Anne C. said...

Michelle, all PC software is my issue too. Eventually, however, they'll be so out of date that I'll be able to start afresh, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

When I die, I want my family to scatter my ashes someplace peaceful and beautiful. Then I want them to have a great wake, remembering the good things about life, not the sadness of death. The wake scene from Philadelphia is wonderful.

Janiece said...


Anonymous said...

Er was eenmaal een dame genaamde Bloatah,
Die van hield om Minieme Werkster oranjekleurige soda te snuiven,
zou Zij snuiven en zij zou snuffelen tot haar neus gekieteld heeft,
Tot zij haar weg naar Minnesota blies.

Het is waar. Ik zag het op Ontdek het Kanaal.
En mijn vriend, Jeri, zag gebeurt het voor Reaal eenmaal, ook. Zo dat het waar moet zijn.

Janiece said...

Nathan, keep your Hijackin' out of my Make Up Your Mind thread. That's why I gave you a hijack thread.

No respect for other people's stuff. Jeez.

Anne C. said...

Nathan, you're going to have to prove it. I have been writing down a reply and then moving a couple blogs down the line to reply and have been paying no attention to the original post. I bet I was responding to a comment in another blog.
I'll take your evidence in triplicate (and make sure the affadavits are notarized!), but my secretary will be on her four hour lunch break in twenty minutes, so you'll have to get it in by then. ;)


Random Michelle K said...

There are several books that particularly stood out last year.

First was "Nightwatch" by Sergei Lukyanenko. Both the Russian style and the setting were new to me, and that combined with a fantasy world unlike one I'd seen before drew me in and kept me.

Second was What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris. This is an historical mystery, with an unusual main character who is thrown into mysteries in a believable manner for the time period.

Third was Bangkok 8 by John Burdett. Similar to Nightwatch, it was the Thai culture and characters that made the story so fascinating for me.

I don't know if I can characterize my writing style. My problem is that I end up writing stories in genres I don't particularly read.

This is, of course, maddening. But I think it's because 1) those are the stories that are in me and 2) I don't have to compare myself unfavorably to anyone else.

Anne C. said...

Tom - Oh yeah! Got it. Memory refreshed. Fear not, there appears to be no plodding going on today, nor any normal communication. You are keeping up very well. :)

Shawn Powers said...

When I was a vegan, I would sometimes rip the cheese off of pizza, and eat the soggy tomato bread. Yum.

Tom said...

Hey, it's over, but the Countdown Clock still has time! What's up with that?

Nathan said...

I fucked up the countdown clock, so it ran long. Ooops.

Not like this damned thing was very organized in the first place.

I shall be posting a recap later tonight.