Sunday, January 20, 2008

Its a two-post Sunday!

It would appear that while trying to install the code to collapse paragraphs on the book blog, I somehow managed to delete some other the links to all of your blogs and other sites I like. Crap! More fixing to do.

I've got a few things I need to do today:

-Figure out where we're catering lunch tomorrow. (Suggestions will be considered.)

-Cut 20% out of the Parking Coordinator's budget without cutting any of the parking I need him to hold for the coming week.

-Continuing to force-feed Ollie (the cat) 5-6 times per day in hopes of getting him healthy.

-Change the lightbulb in one of the two porchlights. (This has to be done in daylight because I, the incompetent electrician, wired the photo-sensor in such a way that if you touch the porchlight when its activated after dark, you get a nice little low-voltage jolt.)

-Rehang the shelf with the pegs for jackets in the front hall. (This has to be done, because I, the incompetent carpenter/mason/handyman originally attached said shelf-with-pegs in such a way that when I put one jacket beyond its 3-jacket capacity on a peg, the whole damned thing pulled free of the wall, anchors and all. Luckily, I should be able to rehang it so that it blocks the view of the original screw-holes instead of having to do plaster repair.)

-Rehang the towel rod in the upstairs apartment. (See my level of competence with wall anchors above.)

-Go see a movie...because I haven't seen much of what's out now. (Suggestions will be considered.)

Whoo! I'm exhausted. Better lie down for a while.


Janiece said...

We saw "The Bucket List" last weekend and really liked it. A bit predictable, but charming as only a Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie can be.

Anonymous said...

Bryan liked Cloverfield 8, in spite of the vertigo-inducing handheld camera. We both also really liked Charlie Wilson's War.

Good luck with the rest of your to-do list... mine are always more ambitious than I can possibly accomplish.

Shawn Powers said...

I haven't gone to the movies since... Harry Potter? That seems too long ago, but I can't remember. It's been a while.

We rented (but haven't seen yet), "The Ultimate Gift." It was a good, if short, read. I hope the movie is good too, but I worry it will be really sappy. The book was predictable, but very well written.

Anne C. said...

I've heard Cloverfield is good too, once you get used to the camerawork.