Sunday, August 17, 2008

And The Overnights Are In.

Note: I might consider making this a regular feature, but it's an awful lot of, No.

I talked yesterday about liking to see who's been visiting and how they got here.

Last night's visitors were clearly a Scalzi-influenced crowd (at least 50% of the "not regulars").

First we have this visitor from Massachusetts searching "puckerguard". You may recall that this is a word Scalzi proudly claimed coinage (of? on?). If you don't remember, do your own search. (Here we'll begin a theme of "I'm too lazy to find links for you." {which, upon proofing this entry, I discovered that I was even too lazy to follow through on.}) If you do a search, though, don't be disappointed if you end up right back here.

This visitor from North Carolina was looking for "rd inovation" (sic). I hope he wasn't too disappointed in the result.

Then we have a visitor from New Zealand. I like that his ISP is "Woosh Wireless". I want me some Woosh Wireless. (He appears to have clicked on one of my comments over at Whatever.)

And then, we have my favorite overnight visitor from Amman, Jordan. There's a couple of neat things about this visitor. First, there's the search word "Gadsex". I had no idea how that led here and discovered that it related to someone commenting on the "Captcha" they had to type to leave a comment. I can understand someone thinking that Gadsex was a funny Captcha code, but I have no idea what would make someone think it was going to be a fruitful search word, regardless of what it was he was looking for. The other thing I like is that this visitor specifies his language of choice as "Australian English". (Note that the guy from New Zealand prefers "US English".) I can understand choosing a specific dialect of English. I have trouble with some accents and with some words that sneak into different dialects of English. But when it comes to reading blogs, just what effect does choosing another dialect actually have? If you've chosen Australian English, does it insert a bunch of "Mates, G'Days, and Waltzing Matildas" into my blog for your reading pleasure?

Like I said, don't expect this to become a regular feature. I like looking at this crap when it takes all of 90 seconds, but doing the screenshots and thinking about why they amuse me and writing about it all is work. (Although, in this case, less work than coming up with something real to write about.)


Anonymous said...

I believe the "gadsex" captcha commenter was me - so I'm responsible for that last visitor.

Is it kind of like if you save a man's life, you're responsible for him from that day forward? (Or is it that he's forever indebted to you? Something like that.)

I just don't get interesting search hits like that. Although after my recent suburban swingers post, I might start seeing a few more. ;)

Shawn Powers said...

I guess *I'm* responsible for the command-shift-4 allowing all this screen capturing. ;)

My site is overrun with digg, reddit, and stumbleupon today. I find it ironic, yet amusing.

Anonymous said...

Where do your statistics come from?

Nathan said...

i use sitemeter (free version).