Monday, August 18, 2008

Nathan Comes Through With The Goods...Finally.

I'm sure you all remember, ages and ages ago, way back when you could freeze an egg on the sidewalk, I talked about the day I deigned to be an extra in a show I was working on. At the time, I promised I'd post the video as soon as I had it.

I've been to the show's website and they have the video available on some kind of plug-in that only works on Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer? I haven't even updated that thing in 3 years. Then, I realized that there is almost no video known to man that hasn't been added to YouTube.

Ladies & Gentlemen...I present...Nathan, Thespian Extraordinaire! I show up at about 1:50 into the video (back of my head) and have my star turn at the very end. My conclusion from watching it is that I found my proper niche on the other side of the camera. Enjoy!


John the Scientist said...

You look like this guy on camera.

Nathan said...

On the one hand, he (and I) had a lot more hair that year.

On the other hand, Know thyself.

Anonymous said...

Wow, can I have an autographed DVD when it comes out? ;)

Jim Wright said...

So, were you the cabbie or the blond chick?

Anonymous said...

Very funny! You did good.

mattw said...

Nathan Gendzier Celebrates Oscar Win

Last night's Oscars were full of surprises, including relative newcommer Nathan Gendzier receiving the Best Actor Oscar for his protrayal of Jim Croce in the highly acclaimed biopic I Got a Name.

A long-time player behind the camera, Gendzier's acting career began with a shrug, literally. His video quickly grew in popularity on the internet. Some say it was propelled by the shadowy UCF group, the same group to which it is rumored that Grammy winner Kate Baker is affiliated with. Whatever the case, the Tinseltown elite took notice and picked up on the ease with which Gendzier portrayed so many things with a simple shrug.

"That shrug was amazing," said Joel Cohen, who has tapped Gendzier to play the leading role in his upcoming film Watershed. "That shrug not only said 'I don't know' but it also said 'Hey, I'm just a person in this bustling city that is New York.'

"This award is such a complete shock and honor," Gendzier said in his acceptance speach. "I don't know if I could have done it without the crazy backing of some powerful people. This one's for all the Founders. Now where's my toaster?"

Random Michelle K said...


Kate gets props all OVER the Internet now!

Unknown said...

That's just too cool for words! Anytime I see you've written another rant, I'm going to associate that shrug! :)

That's so neat, though! Do you need an assistant for anything? I'm only 2 hours away! ;)

On another note: I really hope that in the universe in which I'm winning all these Grammys, hanging out with George Clooney in a french kissy sort of way, I'm thin. Could you make me thin? Hahahah!

Nathan said...


Get back to me when you've got that whole teleportation thing worked out.

Anonymous said...

Great work.