Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nathan's O'Dark Thirty Post.

OK, I'm cheating a little. Maybe a lot. I'm writing this at 12:17 A.M. I haven't gone to bed even though I should have since I have to get up at 4:30 A.M. I'm a moron.

My plan is to save this and just publish it in the early morning when I won't have to think (too much). Anyway, here's today's (tomorrow's) O'Dark Thirty post.


::Yawn:: Good Morning. ::Yawn::

The coffee is brewing. I'll babble at you while that's going on. Shawn would have a little kid run in at this point but I'm fresh outta little kids. I have cats, but the odds of them cooperating are about the same as McCain announcing he's voting for Obama.

I threatened to make videos. I'm not quite ready for that. For the moment, you'll have to make do with "dramatic recreations". Here's my first.

IT''S STILL FUCKING DARK!!!! (photo below is an artist's rendition of "It's still fucking dark!!!")

This has been a public service of Polybloggimous. We get up and look at the dark so you don't have to.

You're welcome.


Update: 8/26, 6:38 a.m.

Those of you with those mystical, mysterious, magical RSS feeds, probably saw this published at 12:30 or so. That's a damned lie. I wrote and published this before 4:30 a.m. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And no. Jim didn't win. At least not yet.


Eric said...

Hopefully helpful hint: in the window where you write your post, click the link at the bottom for "Post Options." There will be a pair of boxes labeled "Post date and time."

Change the time to 4:30 a.m. (or whatever). You can also change the date. When you click "Publish," the blog entry will be scheduled instead of published, and won't go live until the time you chose. (AFAIK, that also means it doesn't hit the RSS feeds.) The entry will appear on the "Posting" page under the "Edit Posts" tab, with a red italicized scheduled out next to it, if you need to do any editing. (Including, if you're impatient, changing the time or date again so the post publishes; I've done that before, myself.)

If you already knew all this, feel free to delete this comment.

Nathan said...

I would never delete you Eric. I thought I did what you said. Either I didn't or I otherwise screwed it up somehow.

vince said...

Darkness, Darkness, be my pillow, Take my head and let me sleep
In the coolness of your shadow, In the silence of your deep
Darkness, darkness, hide my yearning, For the things I cannot see
Keep my mind from constant turning, To the things I cannot be
Darkness, darkness, be my blanket, cover me with the endless night
Take away the pain of knowing, fill the emptiness with light
Emptiness with light now

Darkness, darkness, long and lonesome, Is the day that brings me here
I have felt the edge of sadness, I have known the depths of fear
Darkness, darkness, be my blanket, Cover me with the endless night
Take away this pain of knowing, Fill this emptiness with light now
Emptiness with light now

Darkness, darkness, be my blanket, cover me with the endless night
Take away this pain of knowing, fill this emptiness with light now
Oh with light now.
Darkness, Darkness, be my pillow, Take my head and let me sleep
In the coolness of your shadow, In the silence of your deep
In the silence of your deep
In the - oh oh yeah
In the summer baby
come on come on come on baby...

Jesse Colin Young

Jim Wright said...

Eric, totally stole my comment. Bastard.

It's just after 7:00AM here, I've been up since 5:30. It got light around 6:00. Our dark to light ratio is about the same as you guys at the moment, but the days are getting shorter fast. I'm not ready for winter, at all, but give it another month and we'll be down to a couple of hours of daylight, and that picture you posted will look like most of my day. Great, just jolly friggin' great.

Tracy said...

Jim, I don't know how AKn's do it. I could not handle it. It's bad enough when it gets dark here @ 4:30 pm.
Would you believe I have a friend who leaves tomorrow to visit family in Palmer????? Did you happen to know Robert Boyd, who was her uncle? He died last year, but he was a cop, a farmer, lots of other things, & lived there forever. Wouldn't that be weird?
She said to get rid of the rain that's forecast for when she gets there.

John the Scientist said...

"Great, just jolly friggin' great."

Jim, you can always move to Texas.

Or to NYC and deal with the two-footed wildlife instead of the four.


Jim Wright said...

you can always move to Texas

Yeah, John, frankly I'd rather have 4 months of pitch dark and -40 temps than live in the second largest state. Frankly, I have all the Texans I can stand right here. They come up with the oil industry, and then bitch and do that whiny drawl routine because we don't have a fucking BBQ to suit them or some such shit. Kiss my ass, Texas.

Tracy, I have heard of Bob Boyd, Palmer is a very small town. He was one of the founding Pioneers, everybody knew him or knew of him. He was a great guy by all accounts, I never heard a bad word about him. He often eat in the Noisy Goose, the local small town restaurant where I usually eat, and people talked about him all of the time. As to winter in Alaska, well, that's my favorite season, no bugs and no dammed tourists - plus all the Texans freeze to their saddlehorns and we have four months of blessed peace before the next batch shows up.

Actually though, I do love winter. It's beautiful in ways I can't describe, pristine, quiet. The darkness doesn't bother me, I enjoy it - I also lived in Iceland for a while where it was completely dark for 4 months out of the year. You haven't lived until you've stood on the cliff overlooking Settler's Bay, Alaska at two in the morning, -30 in the still air, and watched the Aurora Borealis flaming overhead like the sky is on fire over the Chugach Range. It gets into your soul, it does.

Jim Wright said...

Dammit. Ate, not eat, second paragraph.

Need more coffee. Need it now.

Tracy said...

Wow, small world. Who'd have thunk it. Kristine goes up every year to visit for a couple of weeks, & wants very badly to move there.
It sounds incredible, I can't imagine how beautiful it is. I wouldn't like freezing my butt off though. I've always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis.

Anonymous said...

I love the quality of light in south central Alaska in January - there's nothing like it. It's brilliant, made more so by the reflectiveness of the snow, and there's a rose-gold quality about it because of the extreme angle of the sun.

The aurora is pretty cool too, and there are ever so many more stars in the winter sky this far north, or at least it seems so.

Nathan - nice picture. ;)

Nathan said...

I feel guilty neglecting the blog for such a long time, but then I see that you guys are all keeping it up just fine for me.