Sunday, August 31, 2008

I...Part 3.

Good Morning!

Yesterday, we were totally lazy until about 1:30 in the afternoon. Then we went up to the resort Office and registered. (They had left our key and cabin info in the mailbox for our arrival, since we showed up after midnight Friday night.) Then, we went into town and picked up a few things.

Back at the cabin by 3:00 pm and time to do some fishing. Here's the lake.

And here's our cabin. We were here once before a couple of years ago and I like this cabin much better than the one we had that time. We're at the end of the line of cabins, so a little more secluded. It's smaller, but it has a bigger and better kitchen. Kitchens being one of the most important things, I'm generally happy about this.

So, back to the fishing. We took out our little rowboat with the trolling motor on it and found a nice spot to fish. Baited our hooks and cast our lines. Then we sat. Every once in a while, we reeled in our hooks so we could replace the stolen bait. Then we sat.

I made excellent use of the time by consuming beer and Cheetos.

Note: You may notice that the following picture of me is, in fact, sideways. I certainly know how to rotate a picture so that it's right-side-up. Manipulating photos that way is part of my job. Since it is part of my job and since I'm enthusiastically not doing my job this morning, you can just look at the damned picture sideways...and like it!

I caught two fish...both about this size. They both put up fierce epic battles before I was able to reel them in. By the time I got them into the boat, I was exhausted and needed more beer fortification. Luckily there was more fortification readily on hand.

GF caught one fish. Look! She's Anon!

The rest of the pictures you would be seeing here were taken after dark. I'm sure I could do some work on them, and lighten them up a bit, but that would require doing stuff I do for work. See above regarding me doing stuff this morning that I do for work.

So, around 7:00pm, I've got the corn in their husks roasting right on the coals and it's time to put the lobster on the grill. I ask GF to bring me the lobsters. I'm going to break them into component pieces because they grill easier that way. She brings the bag from the fridge, and I open the bag and notice movement.

"Hey, GF", I say, "These guys are still alive."

"So they are", she notes.

Digression: (PETA members, please turn away from the blog.) I have no problem putting a live lobster into boiling water, but you can't put a live lobster onto the grill. You need to kill them first by jamming a knife into their little lobster brains. And I can't do the required jamming. I suppose it's a combination of mild-squeamishness and being able to swiftly get it through that hard, curved shell in just the right place. I'm sure I'd botch it, so I usually have it done by the guy at the store for me. Anyway, this is the second time we've had live lobsters when we meant to have dead ones or dead ones when we meant to have live ones.

So, I boiled the lobsters.

Grilled corn and boiled lobsters were enjoyed by one and all. They were delicious. And messy. About half way through dinner, I gave up all pretenses of daintiness, decided I'd take a shower after dinner, and went totally caveman.

It wasn't pretty.


vince said...

Sounds like lots of delicious fun. Unfortunately, my clients have much work for me, so I are working.

Tania said...

Cheetos and beer. I knew I liked you for all the right reasons.

Glad you're getting a break before things get crazy. Congrats on having a fun caveman time. :)

MWT said...

Yay fish! Did you eat them or throw them back after their Photo Op?

Nathan said...

Tossed 'em back. I'm not a huge fan of fish and I think you'd need about six of the one's I caught to make a decent meal for one person.

And Tania,

Only the crunchy Cheetos. The puffy ones are vile.