Saturday, August 30, 2008


hit the "Publish" button by accident again.

Actually, that was supposed to say, I Am At The Lake!

And I Am! 2 hours driving in the rain and I'm now comfortably ensconced in a lovely cabin, drinking a lovely drink and watching a stupid movie.

More tomorrow.


Shawn Powers said...

Awesome!!! Have a great time, seriously.

kimby said...

Have a wonderful time, and don't worry about things around here...WE'LL take care of EVERYTHING!

I call the teak chair......and I brought chocolate!

Tracy said...

Glad you made it through the week & to bliss. Have a great times. My plans for the weekend, other than painting my condo, include coming in NYC tomorrow to see Rent for the 4th & final time before it closes. Yeah but boohoo.
I'll be around here otherwise if anyone wants to play.

vince said...

Alright Kimby! Chocolate! May not be any left for Nathan when he gets home, though.

Random Michelle K said...

Make sure Jim wears the teak hat if he comes by!

Mmm! Chocolate!


You think anyone will notice these fingerprints?

kimby said...

It's ok Michelle, I have handi-wipes in my purse! (one of the perks of still having young children)

We don't need to leave any chocolate for Nathan, he has Bloody Marys.

Hey Jim...there is a hat here with your name on it!

Nathan said...

You can have the chocolate.

Right now, I'm gorging on beer, pickles, cheese, crackers and ham.


I have to save room for dinner...lobster on the grill.

MWT said...

*poofs in, air rifle with silencer and scope and laser sight in hand*

Anyone got any varmints around here? I think I see some on that grill over yonder...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! UCF reunion at the lake!

I'll bring the burgers if someone else will get the beer.

Random Michelle K said...

We just had bourbon peaches after our turkey burgers as we sat on the deck enjoying the day.

Best part? Pissed off my mother and she all but stormed out! Woot!

How about some brownies to celebrate!

Don't spill beer on the cats!

kimby said...

Lobster on the grill?
I'll trade you some chocolate..

Nathan said...

Sorry, all gone. It was excellent.

And the corn was just amazingly sweet and fresh. I think it was grown about a mile down the road and picked this morning.