Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Morning is Just Leaping Right Up and Offering to be Helpful [/sarcasm]

Mission 1: Get a haircut.

I dropped in thinking I might get lucky, or at worst make an appointment for later today. "How's Tuesday at 1:00p.m.?", the helpful man asks me. I tell him that I'll only be able to make it during the weekend.

He took my cell number and I'm on a waiting list to get a haircut. A waiting list!

Mission 2: Pick up package at Post Office.

Last Monday, there was a slip in my mailbox informing me that they had tried to deliver a package, but no one was home. The package would be held at the Post Office. (Yay! Amazon!)

So, I walk up the the "packge pickup" window and there's a sign that says, "Window 6 is closed. Please proceed to the regular postal windows." So I get in line behind 15 or so people and wait. It actually wasn't too bad. The line seemed to move at lightning speed. (at least by Post Office standards.) I get to the front of the line and hand in my slip and I.D. to the helpful Postal Worker behind the 3 inches of blast-proof plexi. She looks at the slip like maybe I've pissed on it and informs me that "Package pick-ups are at Window 6". I inform her about the sign at window 6 and she leads me over there. Clearly I must be lying. When we arrive at window 6, she pulls down the sign and says, "Window 6 is open", and hollers for someone in the back. I said, "I terribly sorry I know how to read. I won't do it again."

That got a laugh from the folks in line.

Oh, and Shawn's books have actually been pulled off my shelves and placed in a box. I didn't actually write any address on the box or take them with me to the Post Office this morning, but hey, they're getting much closer to traveling. I suck. And as long as we're digressing, Michelle, are we trying the movie thing again this weekend? (GF and I are going to see The Dark Knight either later today or tomorrow.)

Mission 3: Buy a light bulb.

The fluorescent light over the kitchen sink burned out. Easy-Peasy...stop in at the hardware store and pick up an 18" bulb. The girl behind the counter put it in a bag for me. Message to the girl at the hardware store.

Mission 4: Buy food for the kittens.

I take my purchase up to the counter at the pet food store. This store is practically across the street, so I'm a regular there. As she rings up the kitty food, she says, "Have you always had kittens?" After a moment of dumbstruck staring, I said, "Yes, I toss them out every 8 or 9 months and start over again."

Update: Things are looking up. I just got a phone call and was informed that I could come get my hair cut at 12:45. WooHoo!


Jim Wright said...

Dude, appointment for a haircut?

Yeah, just another reason I don't live in the city.

Shawn Powers said...

I cut my own hair, which may be evident in my videos... People tease me about a Flo-bee, but I would use one in a second, I kid you not. :)

I had forgotten about the loot! I'm in San Francisco for a week, so certainly don't rush on my account. :)

Steve Buchheit said...

I also cut my own hair. Went to barbers all my life, then in college started going to the barber's college, then to places like Cheap Cuts (or some such). Finally found a barber that cut my hair the way these Italian guys did when I was young (my grandfather took me to that shop, those guys were great, all WWII vets). But he cost $15 and never cut my hair as close as I wanted. So one day I had my wife cut my pony tail off (she kept it) and I used the beard trimmer to cut my hair. Sister-in-law brought up the hair trimmer she used on the nieces and nephews, and I've used that ever since (three years now).

Sounds like you were having a Bill Engval kind of day there Nathan. You must have run low on signs.

Nathan said...

I cut my own hair...once. I was in college and I'm fairly certain I was drunk. It was not good.

I don't mind paying 40-50 bucks for a haircut because, as I say, I get my hair cut once every 4-6 months whether it needs it or not. In other words, after its driven me crazy for a few weeks I get around to making the time.