Friday, August 15, 2008

P.S. My O.C.D. Has Come Down With A Nasty Case Of A.D.D.!

Ooooh! Shiny!

For a number of reasons, none of which I care to go into here and now, pretty much every detail of my job today has some unanswered question attached to it...which means that moving forward with any of them feels a lot like spinning my wheels. I'm just flitting from task to task making half-tasked progress. Oops. Can't really finalize this deal...let's move on to something else.

Arghhhhhhhhh! Maybe I should just stop in at Jim's place and call him some more nasty names.

Yeah! That sounds productive.

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Jim Wright said...

go right ahead.

'cause I'm about nine kinds of annoyed myself this morning. Nothing is working right. My email client crashed this morning, and while waiting for that to reload, I sat down here at the main computer and it suddenly decided to run both the virus scan and the update download at the same fucking time.

Argh! I'm going out to the shop for a minute and annoy beastly.