Thursday, August 14, 2008


This post is for me. I usually, at least consider whether or not this will be interesting to anyone else, but this morning, I'm writing about construction on my commute. I can't imagine anybody else will give a shit.

Route to work.

1 block on Adelphi
Turn Right.
1 block on Dekalb
Turn Right.
4 blocks on Carlton.
Turn Left.

So far, all pristine, brand new roadways.

First 3 blocks on Flushing are relatively OK
Next 8 blocks have either temporary (bumpy) surface or half the lanes are closed for construction.

Straight up onto the Manhattan Bridge.
Bridge is OK
Straight off the bridge onto Christie.
Three Blocks
Turn left onto Broome St.
Construction on first block.
Go crosstown to 6th Ave.
Turn Right.
Go about 5 blocks.
Turn Left onto Houston.
For two blocks, there's half the lanes under construction.
Turn Right on Hudson.
Two blocks to Leroy Street.

Time to park. (This is another story because half the metered spaces have street cleaning from 8:00am to 8:30am and the other half have it from 8:30am to 9:00am. Since I'm arriving at 7:30am, this doesn't really leave a great spot to park first thing in the morning.)

That's the story of my current commute. I'm totally open to suggestions on what boring-assed subject you'd like me to tackle tomorrow.


Random Michelle K said...


Nathan said...


I once saved lint from the dryer for a month with the intention of using it for some homemade paper. I never got around to making any homemade paper, but I had the lint collection for about three years until I moved.

Is there any subject about which I don't have a fascinating anecdote?

Jim Wright said...

You were right, I don't give a shit.


And the lint anecdote would have been more fascinating if you had saved Steven Segal's dryer lint for three years with the intention of making deadly martial arts paper upon which you planned to write your manifesto and mail it to members of Congress. Fascinating and disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Catalytic converters.

A comparison of street cleaning hours in various New York boroughs.

Whether or not the van has a mattress. And a mini-fridge. ;)

Jeff Hentosz said...

Here's mine:

Left on E. North Broadway, then about a mile to Rt. 315. Half-paved underpass; no sign of a work crew for weeks.

South on 315 Approx. five miles. Take the Neil Ave. exit (bear to the right so you don't end up on the innerbelt, 670). Not a barrel in sight.

Right on Neil Ave. Two blocks to Nationwide Blvd. No road work, but occasional minor holdups due to construction of the new Huntington Park baseball stadium.

Now a choice: either park on the surface lot next to Nationwide Arena, or proceed two blocks to the garage at the Eye Center. Either way, I get validated!

(The only issue here is getting behind senior citizens in the parking deck who can't decide whether to go two-miles-an-hour or three as they approach the gate. There is a chance, apparently, that the ticket kiosk will spontaneously detach from its moorings and take out a fender).

Anne C. said...

I'm surprised John the Scientist hasn't admonished any of you that these directions are essentially an address, not only to your home, but also your place of work.

You're making it too easy for the stalkers!

Anne C. said...

There should have probably been a winky face on that one...


Nathan said...

My place of work changes every couple of months, so no worries there.

And I'm otherwise pretty highly un-anonymous (witness Shawn prank calling me long before trading numbers).

I'm guessing the boat has sailed on me staying beneath the radar...or something like that.

John the Scientist said...

"I'm guessing the boat has sailed on me staying beneath the radar"

Ayup. But as a non-corporate drone, you are also less at risk. Saying something politically inopportune on your blog might even help win certain jobs.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Anne: Yeah, I'm a freelancer, so those particular directions were just for today, start mid-commute, and end in the middle of a vertitable canyon of office buildings downtown. ;-)