Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Really a Coherent Post. So Sue Me.

Things bobbing in and out of my head:
I really think The Simpsons should do an episode where Homer is replaced by Dick Sargent and only Lisa notices.

I think that could be hysterical. If any Simpsons Producers or Writers are happening by here, I totally invite you to steal the idea and all you owe me is letting me know when it will air. Send me a release and I'll sign over that idea to you.

I've seen at least two bloggers recently bemoaning the use of the sentence "I could care less". I concur. This sentence is a meaningless abomination...or at least it doesn't mean anything like what you think it means. Stop saying it. Just stop!

LuLu was clean of the fungus-among-us on the last vet visit. Teufel still had just the slightest little bit of it left. Unfortunately, that meant they both had to have another dipping in the Bath of Satan. Yes. We still have the fumes of hell wafting through the house. If they're both clean next Monday, they're getting baths in something floral as all get out. (I'm optimistic that they'll actually submit to a bath. Teufel's favorite game is rolling around in the sink as soon as I finish brushing my teeth.)

I mentioned to GF a few nights ago that I hated the version of the National Anthem that was being played at medal ceremonies for the Olympics. Way too much strings and wimpiness.
Last night I watched a ceremony with a much better, more ballsy and brassy version. I hope it's a switch for all the sports and that wasn't just a one time anomoly.

You all got to watch the recent progress with repaving my street. It's a beautiful new smoooooooove street. There's already a bunch of big holes on the next block for some water main replacement. Ah well.

In the last two days, I'm getting an awful lot of visitors from strange places. Lots of Google Searches for innocuous things that brought people here. Lots of referrals from Shawn's place.

I've also been gettin any number of text messages from some of the "Juicy Heifers". (If you don't get the reference after checking the link...and then the further link, don't feel bad. It took me a minute and I am one!) Sitting in a meeting trying to be all serious and stuff is difficult when you check a text message and all it says is "Hedgehog Buggerer". (Thanks Tania.)

Feel free to comment on any of my ramblings. Or go ahead and tell us what's been bobbing in and out of your brain.


Jeff Hentosz said...

Good idea. Here's the blog of a Simpson's executive producer. If you start commenting regularly, maybe you can work your way into his good graces. (He shares the blog with Time magazine's Lev Grossman, one of my fav non-fiction scribblers).


It's not a grammatical fender bender in the sense you're noting, but I am currently fed up with "Veepstakes." Oh, and nation, just because conditions are right for something to happen, doesn't always mean it's a "perfect storm." Some things are just coincidences.

Thank you. Nice soap box.

Anonymous said...

I've actually seen all sorts of odd traffic lately too - very strange, but fun. Keeps me motivated to try to write interesting stuff.

And incoherence is good - if you toss enough topics against the wall, something will stick to everyone who visits! Oh, wait a minute, maybe that wasn't the best choice of metaphor. ;)

Anne C. said...

"Juicy Heifers"

Wow. Took me a while to dig that one up, but I get it now. Nice alias. (Someone really ought to document the links and history, since it's so chaotic, it really would be good to catch early. Am I volunteering myself? Hmm... not sure.)

Nathan said...

Yes. Yes you are.