Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comment Moderation.

Yup.  I've succumbed. 

Sorry folks, but you'll have to start using those damn captacha codes to comment.  I've been killed by spam lately and to make matters even worse, I'm having trouble deleting spam comments when they come in.  I sign in to my account and then navigate my way toward the post so I can delete the comment, and, and, and...I'm no longer signed in.  No way to delete the bastards.

I may have to move the blog to some platform other than Blogger.  We'll see.

(Note: if memory is any guide, the WordPress Cheering Squad will start performing shortly.)


Shawn Powers said...

Just wanted to comment so I could define a captcha code.

unspesse: when your pants unknowingly unzip themselves

Random Michelle K said...

elota = too much interent