Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Am I Always The Last To Know?

I'm mean really!  Did you guys know about this?

From their front page:

Ten Word Wiki is an Encyclopedia for the ADD generation.
We describe everything in ten words exactly.

I love this.  I mean real Wiki sometimes makes you read pages and pages and pages of crap and it's not all that much more reliable, is it?  Hell no!

Not sure how you feel about it yet?  Here are some samples of them describing stuff:

-Ignorance: I don't know about it, but never mind! That's ok.
-Joseph Geobbels: small, rattish nazi. likes: committing suicide at ends of world wars.
-Nationality:  Measure of identity based upon coincidental location of one's birth.
-Frankenstein:  7ft bloke made up of dead people, like a doorman. 
-War of the Worlds:  Book, Radio show, Musical and Film ruined by Spielberg/Cruise. 
-SpiderPig:  Like Spider-Man, only with pigs instead of spiders. Or not.

I'm making this my first choice of reference material from now on.

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