Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Blame It On Commuting Polar Bears

I know some of you may think this is a piddling amount of snow, but this latest storm has brought Central Park's total for February up to 36.9" of snow...the most snow measured there since 1869.  Yesterday's storm (20 plus inches) was also the fourth most snow in a single storm since they've been measuring that sort of thing.

I'm pretty sure we got a bit more than that in Brooklyn, but then again, I'm competitive and I'm not above lying.  Anyway, it was pretty.






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Tom said...

We got a few inches in Boston yesterday, but that's mostly gone. There was supposed to be a bit more today, but nothing so far. They're saying more tonight and tomorrow morning, just in time to mess up the commute. But I take the train, so I'm not really worried.

It does look like you got a butt-load, though. Good luck, New York!