Friday, February 12, 2010

Sleeping Just Fine In Seattle.

My flight was surprisingly easy...Zero lines at check-in or security or baggage claim or car rental counter...for people like me with reservations for Thursday.  Not so much for people who missed flights on Wednesday.  That line looked like hell.

Short version:

-Beautiful view of really empty part of Montana
-Semi beautiful view of ONE Rocky Mountain.
-Beautiful view of the inside of a cloud.
-Finally saw the ground again about 100' from runway at SeaTac

-Excellent dinner with Jeri and Tania.
-Gambling with Tania at the casino (Jeri bailed.)

-Managed to sleep late (Eastern time) to make successful transition to Pacific time.  Wooohoo!

-Headed out to meet everyone at the ferry shortly.

How's that for a detailed accounting?


cjdahl60 said...

Welcome to my part of the world, Nathan. Your post mentioned being off to the ferry, which is my daily commute vehicle to and from my job in Seattle.

Can you share any information on the reason for your trip to the Pacific Northwest?

MWT said...

He's there to meet up with a bunch of friends. And soon he will post up some pictures.

Yes he will.

*waits patiently* >.>

sestra = an orchestra with only seven musicians

mattw said...

Detailed accounting!?! There could be much more detail in there.

What did you have for dinner?

Just how beautiful were the mountains, etc.?

Did the person next to you on the flight try to strike up a conversation?

How short is 'shortly?'

hesse=Jesse's name after a clerical error.

neurondoc said...

Want more information.

Anne C. said...

Yay! So glad you made it! Is the beautiful and mysterious Anon GF with you?

Missing all you guys!

Nathan said...

More detail to follow tomorrow (including answers to most, if not all questions).

Tonight, I'm beat and apparently not really adjusted to Pacific time yet. It feels a whole lot later than the clock tells me it is!