Monday, February 22, 2010

Soooo Much Stuff To Blather About

First, allow me to start with a little pet peeve of mine.  I get contacted by people looking for work.  I have no problem with that.  That's how things are done.  In the old days, I'd get resume's in the mail or maybe a fax at a production office.  Now, I mostly get phone calls and emails.  Neither my phone number nor my email address are difficult to find. I'll go a step further and say that if you're not capable of easily tracking down my phone number or email address, you've already blown the job interview.

But here's the thing.  In the old days (get off my lawn, you young whippersnappers!), I'd get the call at work.  No matter when you sent the mail or the fax to my office, I wouldn't see it until I was at work.

When you call my own phone number or send me an email, I get it whenever you press "Send" on either your phone or your computer.  Feel free to type up that email any time you like, but maybe you could wait to send it until the workweek begins? I realize that most people think of email as something that the recipient ignores until he feels like acknowledging it, but I'm on the computer for fun during the weekend.  Emails chase me wherever I am (on my phone), during the weekend. It's mildly annoying to receive emails asking for work while I'm on my own time and it costs you nothing to hold off sending it until Monday morning.

And do not call me during the fucking Super Bowl.  All you're doing is demonstrating how utterly clueless you are about how to contact someone you want something from.  Hint: Location Scouts and Managers want things from people -- a place to film a scene.  We don't know most of the people we're calling while trying to get the stuff we want.  I'm not going to hire someone who thinks it's a great idea to make cold calls during the Super Bowl.

And here's a private note to a certain Parking Coordinator who used to work for me.  I told you on the last job that I'd never hire you again.  I reminded you the first time you called me after that...that I'd never hire you again.  Calling me every few months isn't likely to make me change my mind.  The bridge is burned.  Let it go.

Now, let's move on to the Olympics.

Face it. A lot of the Olympics is least boring to watch.  Yesterday, they introduced SkiCross as an Olympics sport.  SkiCross is where you get 4 skiers on the course all at one time and it's fast and exciting and promises lots of crashes and mayhem.  All afternoon, they had the qualifying which one skier at a time skis down the course all by himself trying for one of the best times.  And the announcers keep blathering about how exciting it's all going to be once they start the real deal and get all those guys out there together.  They should either make the qualifying rounds have multiple skiers at one time or they just shouldn't show it until they get to the real deal.

 This is what I want to watch.  Get to it already.  (And BTW, what's with the race car sound effects at the beginning of each run?  How cheesy can you get?)

Biathlon isn't all that exciting to watch.  Yeah, I get it.  Getting exhausted and having your heart beat 1200 times per minute and your muscles quivering and then having to shoot at five targets the size of silver dollars is hard.  But it's kinda boring to watch.  It'd be cooler if they had shooting stations on opposite sides of the shooting range.  We could watch them eliminate each other!  (I'd even be OK with it if they used rubber bullets or paintballs.)


Or maybe have them shoot at the ice dancers. Nobody has a clue how they're judging this shit.

I only watch because sometimes, this happens.

Even better, would be if the ski course went by the broadcast center and they could take potshots at Bob Costas!

I haven't watched any of the curling competition and I'm not likely to.  Boring!  I know some of you claim you like to watch curling (I'm lookin' at you Kimby), but I know you're lying.

Lastly, let's move on to Tiger Woods.

Let's start with the live coverage on EVERY SINGLE BROADCAST OUTLET IN AMERICA.  For a golfer's canned Mea Culpa? Srsly?  I know people were interested.  I was. But every single channel?  Live?  Holy Crap!  That's just warped.

I'd actually have a lot to say about the whole thing if I cared to get my thoughts together enough to write about them, but I don't care that much and I can come down on any of about 5 sides of the discussion and besides that -- shows like Entertainment Tonight already had some guy I've never heard of sitting in a room in front of a monitor telling me whether or not Tiger achieved his goal.

Here are my few short thoughts on the subject.

1. I knew the mistresses would start bitching because he didn't apologize to them. It happened a little quicker than I thought it would though.

2. I wonder what the treatment for Sex Addiction is.  I have an image of Tiger sitting strapped to a chair while images of hot babes pop up on a screen.  Every time he's shown a picture of anyone other than his wife, someone slaps him in the face and screams "NOT FOR YOU ASSHOLE!"

3. It's probably just the cynic in me, but I'm pretty sure someone told Tiger's mommy exactly how to behave throughout the "Statement".  America was supposed to mirror her emotions for the proper reaction.

Early in his statement, "I'm so pissed off I can't even look at you!"

About 2/3 of the way into the event: "I'm still pissed at you, but you've made me think and I'm open to listening."

At the end: "You did good.  I love you all over again.  Come to Mama."

Happy Monday Everybody!


MWT said...

Awesome figure skating pics, especially the second one. :D What team and event was that?

I used to be pretty big into it, but haven't gotten around to turning on any Olympics at all yet.

Nathan said...

The crash landing is from a few years ago...I forget exactly who and when. To be honest, I just did a Google image search looking for Ice Dancers looking dorky.

kimby said...

Nathan, i am surprised that you don't like Curling. It has rocks, that you get to throw, and it is on ice! Add to that the similarities to chess and what isn't to like??