Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Living In The Van

I started a post this morning about being stuck riding around in a van all day every day to look at locations choices. We pick stuff, but then I don't really get to start making the deals for them because I'm still stuck in a van. I don't really like having those conversations when I'm in a van full of all the top folks on the show.

At any rate, before I could finish writing it, the joint started jumping and I had to put it away. Here it is 8:30 p.m. and I'm just now having a chance to say hi to all of you. Somehow, a post about what I'm going to do today (when the day is pretty much over), doesn't seem appropriate anymore.

Anyway, this'll be a short one. Basically, it was a good day. We chose a street that should serve us well to establish the world of the main character in the movie. It has a bunch of stores on it where we can have her shop and I've gotten a warm reception from every merchant I've talked to so far. Yay!

We also saw a hospital with a closed wing that will give us about 1/2 of our hospital scenes. We're looking at another tomorrow that looks good for the rest of the scenes. Since it's scheduled for 2 days of shooting anyway, this should work out well.

That's all I have time (read: the energy) to tell you about.

How was your day?

P.S. This being away from my desk is seriously cutting into my time reserved for reading all of your blogs. Bastards!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking for a minute you were going to tell us you were now homeless and living in a van. That would be a bad thing. I'm glad it only feels that way. };>

And on the blogging what I have to do at the end of the day - one of the positive thinking self-help affirmation gurus - don't remember which, I think they're all clones anyway - suggests just that. Make your to do list at the end of the day based on what you've accomplished, cross everything off, and then congratulate yourself on a job well done! It's like grading yourself on a test and giving an A, or awarding yourself Mr. Universe.

I hope you had a productive day. ;)

MWT said...

That does sound like a more positive approach to to-do lists. ;)

Sadly, I accomplished very little today. I made beef barley soup and took pictures as I went along so I could put them in my eHow article. That was basically all. :|

Nathan said...


I'm sorry, but that method sounds about as satisfying as buying a sculpture and then telling everyone I did the carving.

and MWT,

Hey, you got a post out of it and a pot of soup. That seems like a reasonable set of accomplishments to me.

John the Scientist said...

"I've gotten a warm reception from every merchant I've talked to so far"

Yay for using streets that have not been overused. You are one of the good guys Nathan. Just don't cross Tatyana's path - you know how those first-generation Russian immigrants are (just waiting for Ilya to show up). :p