Monday, August 11, 2008

More Public Service.

During my second cup of coffee, the news announced that the cheapest gas in the U.S. can be found in Tulsa, OK (where I don't know anybody), and the most expensive is in Anchorage, AK, where, alas, I do, (virtually), know folks.

If it's any consolation, another poll ranked NYC as the most expensive city in America overall.

Since Janiece wants a UCF meet-up at WorldCon next year in Montreal, I suggest everyone start saving their pennies.

That's all I've got right now but, hey, it's early. I've gotta go burn some gas in about 20 minutes.


Janiece said...

I don't know how many folks will be able to afford to go to Montreal. My preliminary research this morning indicates the trip will cost about $1,500.00 each (from Colorado).

That's a lot of dough.

Nathan said...

Or $52,000 if you're driving!

Anonymous said...

Started saving pennies last year. Montreal rocks. I suggest a party-suite.

Nathan said...

And the folks who are broke from traveling can sleep in the party suite...if they don't mind dodging beer bottles. :D

Anonymous said...

And for anyone who has the slightest access to it - mileage tickets. Or award tickets. (Alaska Air will give you 25K free miles, enough for a cheap-ass mileage ticket, if you sign up for their credit card. I'd think that other airlines would do something similar??)

Trains are good too. Cheap - a great option if you're traveling solo! Although I'm not sure how well the rail system serves Montreal.

And maybe folks can double (or quadruple?) up on hotel rooms to economize if they choose to?

Nathan said...

I was only teasing about the music...but I do hear it in my head every time I see the new banner.

Montreal is very well served by train, but you've got to get to Canada first to pick up VIA rail.

I've actually always wanted to do the whole Trans-Canada trip in their observation/sleeper car. It's way cool.

kimby said...

Well you could all fly into Detroit, then hop across to Windsor..and get on VIA at its start.

kimby said...

Round trip Windsor to Montreal, currently at 409.50$ (comfort fare)

Nathan said...

What's a comfort fare? I'm only curious. I don't think I'd fly a few hundred miles in the wrong direction to get on a train to Montreal.

Although, if we were starting the party there, it might be worth it.

(Nathan is suddenly reminded of the train scenes from Trading Places.)

kimby said...

Cheapest fare..although if we were going to be on a train for that long..i am thinking that cheapest may not be best. (think more money more comfort)

Nathan said...

I took the train from Montreal to Quebec City once (only about 4 hours if I remember.)

We upgraded to First Class for $5.00 (Canadian) and got wined and dined the entire way. It was a blast and is definitely the best way to come into Quebec City on your first visit. (Otherwise, you drive in from airport and look at lots of ugly shit.)