Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Black Holes, Biker Chicks and Imaginary Sofas.

From the inimitable Jeff Hentosz...

And if you don't know what this is all about...believe me when I tell you you're probably better off.


And Jeff, feel free to waste time like this anytime you want.


Eric said...

That. Is. Amazing.

He... he got everything.


Including the two tone...


Tania said...


If I can get the art, I'm making myself a t-shirt. A biker chick t-shirt. Maybe I'll put text on the back that says "Janiece is my lead bitch"

Janiece said...


Jeff is my new imaginary boyfriend!!

And Tania, I want the ENTIRE UCF to wear that T-Shirt.


vince said...

WOW! New shirts for the UCF. Must. Have. Will pay cash, gold, junk jewelry.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Oooooh. T-shirts, huh?


Is it okay if the T-shirts are only big enough for Barbies and GI Joes?

Problem is that, while the words and background are vector art, the face parts were plucked off these here interwebz, and scaled to printable quality would only be like, this big (::holds up thumbnail::).


But let me think about it. (Very glad you all like it though! Thanks.)


Eric: Of course I got it all. That's what I do. I synthesize.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this graphic. Seriously, I think I want to marry it and have its babies.

(It looks like my imaginary male seraglio is now expanding to include UCF logos. I'm such a slut.)

Eric said...

I've now added the newest logo to the sidebar at Giant Midgets. Burma Shave-style, we have:

"Another Proud Member Of The UCF..."

"An International Gang Of..."

"Frank Gorshin-Obsessed Bikers."

I amuse myself.

Anonymous said...

Logo has been duly added to my sidebar. I may not be able to marry it and have its babies, but this is close enough.

Nathan said...


Would this be the new version of blogging where you just keep expanding the sidebar while the content withers away and dies of old age.

::I kid, I kid::

Anonymous said...

Nathan, I posted something Monday, yesterday AND today! Okay, most of it isn't original content, because my brain often feels rather mush-like these days, but it counts!


Nathan said...

Mea Culpa C.E. (or Blogger Culpa?)

I didn't see any of that because my little updating thingy on the sidebar didn't show any new posts at your blog.

I, therefore, am a technologically challenged ass. We shall endeavor to rectify this situation. (First person who tries a "rectify" pun gets popped upside the haid.)

Anonymous said...

Jeff - send me a link to the itty bitty images and I can trace and convert them to vector in Illustrator. Your good work should not go unpunished/unrecognized!

I agree, it's very cool. Thank you!

Jeff Hentosz said...

Jeri: Not ignoring you there, just haven't been back.

Most of the thing is out of Illustrator. I will trace the face and post result this weekend. I have something big to finish first today.

Thanks to you, too!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, when I offered that I hadn't processed that graphics is what you do for a living. Somehow I knew that, but... oh well.

Anyway, I just took a look at your site and am impressed. :)

Nathan said...

Stay tuned Jeri,

Next week I'm going to offer Eric some legal advice.