Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stupid Job. (Insert pitiful pout.)

Somebody else's blog post made me think of something last night that I thought was funny. I could have just posted a comment on their blog, but...

A.) They don't know me from a hole in the wall,

B.) It's really about me, me, maybe it's rude to put it on some unknown, unsuspecting blogger's blog,

and C.) hey, I can get an entire post of my own out of it...those things don't just grow on trees do they?

The problem is that I'm currently working for people who expect to see some results from the (teeny-tiny) bags of money they're sending my way. (Actually, I haven't seen the first bag of money yet, but I know they're good for it.)

So now, instead of writing the post that's percolating in my head, I shall go out and photograph various place in NY and go into various places of business and say, "Hey, we want to shoot a TV show here and we'd like you to close your business down that day and, yeah, I know our schedule has us shooting here during the only reliably busy time you can count on in the current economic situation, but that's when we can come here and didn't you start this business years ago with the idea that one day some guy like me would walk in and ask you to close your business one day for the honor of showing up in a TV show --that may or may not ever see the light of mean you're just as happy selling meals to people? O.K. Never mind."

So, I'll be absent til this evening (or maybe even longer), and then I'll write the brilliant post I've just teased and then you'll all be elated and entertained and amused and shit like that and you'll all wonder how you've managed to trudge through your daily lives without being privy to the most excellent tale I shall have imparted. Or maybe you'll read it and think, "Holy shit...All that buildup for this?" And then you'll all throw virtual tomatoes at me. (And I'll pretend to like it.)

Oh, one other thing. I've just spent the last few month bitching about how much I hate the fact that it gets dark so early in winter. Well, sunset is holding off a little bit more every day now, and this weekend, it'll take a 1 hour leap further into the evening. Well, the production designer on this show has to make a presentation to the folks at the studio showing, among other things, the locations we'll be using. He'd like some "hero shots" of the locations to show them at their most dramatic. And he wants pictures of the night locations shot at night. Which all means I'll have to work later and I'll have to cover more miles running between locations when traffic is at its worst, just because the damned sun decided to stay up a little bit longer as we approach spring.

Stupid spring. Why can't the damned sun set at 4:15 the way it was doing just a month or two ago?

(Insert more pitiful pouting.)


mattw said...

How can I get through the rest of the day knowing that Nathan has some most excellent tale that will knock my socks off? How!?!

Steve Buchheit said...

Yeah, I mean after all the snow stuff, and the pedantic stuff, and the cooking stuff, unless it's a all zombie Rockets Review, I'm not sure it's going to be good enough.