Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's Do The Time Warp Again.

Walking from the Kitchen to the Living Room, I can count 15 devices that tell time. Some of them claim to know when Daylight Savings Time hits and to reset themselves. Most of those items refuse to acknowledge any legislation signed by our illustrious ex-President, so if I reset those items, I'll probably just have to do it again in April.

One of my clocks claims to know when D.S.T. begins, (not today), and when I adjust it, it just changes back to what it read before I started. I won't be stepping out of any airlocks without unplugging that one.

So, I've currently got a choice of three different times to believe it is here:

A.) The time on the clocks successfully reset.

B.) The time on the clocks I haven't bothered with yet and the ones that refuse to be told what to do.

C.) The time on the antique school clock which hasn't been wound in a week. That one tells me it's 3 hours and 43 minutes later than I think. (I'll just wait to catch up to that one and then wind it.)

Some people find this whole time-shift disconcerting. I find it comforting that for at least two days a year, I get a pass on when the proper time is to do stuff. Naps help too.


Jeff Hentosz said...

I only like Spring Forward because it gives me a chance to surprise the dog with dinner. In the fall she comes 'round to start staring at me an hour before it's time to eat.

vince said...

I agree that naps help. I'll be doing one myself shortly.

Nathan said...

doing a nap?

Vince, you take a nap. In a pinch, I suppose you can have a nap. You do NOT do a nap.

You're lucky I didn't see that until I woke up. If I had, it might have kept me awake and then, we'd be mortal enemies for life. I'm so glad we dodged that bullet.

Anonymous said...

My cat figured out what time it was. 6 am she comes in and trods on my head.

I think she can read the clock.

Actually, I think she changed the clock. Not sure about the smoke alarm batteries though. I better do that myself.

Random Michelle K said...

I hate daylight savings time with a passion that burns with a thousand suns.

When the revolution comes, I'm gonna find the fuckers who keep pushing this on us, and make them get up an hour earlier every sing fucking day for the rest of their lives.


mattw said...

And unfortunately, toddlers don't know how to tell time and it usually takes a little while for the sleep patterns to adjust.

Nathan said...

Todd and Matt,

Toddlers and cats have no adjustment issues...they're still going by the same internal clock (daylight) that they've been using all along. The cats want to be fed as soon as the first light of day seeps through the window (or by some magic method, 20 minutes before that). Toddlers don't even have that much regimentation. I didn't tell either of you to have those creatures in your house. :)