Monday, March 30, 2009

And How Was Your Day?

My day started with an email. The location we're supposed to shoot is suddenly not available on Friday afternoon. "Can we shoot it on Thursday? Or anytime from Monday the 6th on?", the site rep wants to know. Well, no. The Director is flying in Thursday morning and we're only shooting Friday and Saturday...pretty much as has been discussed since discussing began weeks ago.

Right about the time this afternoon that it seems our location problem will be resolved I get another email from someone else..."Did you know there's a protest rally scheduled on Friday afternoon where you're shooting that day?" What's it all about? "Well, they're protesting the government bailouts and they're marching from Wall Street to your location...where the march will end with a rally." Uh...shit, any idea how many people they expect? "The organizers say about 1000...which probably means more." (How much police overtime will it cost so they can march to protest wasteful government spending...just asking?)

I don't have a solution for that one yet. Here's what I know. We're shooting for two days in NY. All of our scenes are daylight exteriors. The sun will set on each of these days and then we'll be done.

I plan to dance as fast as I can.


MWT said...

Sounds like a sticky situation.

My day consisted of drama in two different online communities plus yelling at family. But it seems to have quieted down on all fronts now.

Nathan said...

At least, starting tomorrow, I have an Asst. Location Manager to dump stuff onto. (Are you listening, Kate?)


Steve Buchheit said...

Shoot fast before the marchers get there. Think of it as effective cost management.

Nathan said...

Steve, feel free to tell paint to dry fast. Get back to me and let me know how that works out.

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Sounds like you have to rewrite the script to include protesters.



Dr. Phil

mattw said...

I'm finding out that there's a lot more to my new job than I would have thought, and I don't even start for two weeks.