Monday, March 9, 2009

Did Not Watchmen.

Shameful secret time: I've never seen the Watchmen comics or graphic novels or doodles or etchings or lithographs. Unlike much of the WorldWideWeird who seem inordinately personally invested in the movie version, I am the poster child for Apathy. Meh.

I'll admit that if the bazillion posts I keep running across were gushing and raving and wanting to have the movie's baby, I might add it to my "must see" list, but most of you seem really conflicted about the whole thing. In other words, I have no idea what any of you are talking about and I'm not likely to be enlightened any time soon. All I've been able to decipher so far is that there's a Comedian who has a peculiar sense of humor (right?) and a big blue streaker. This is not enough to make me plop down $13.50 plus the price of a drink and a box of MilkDuds.

I'm deeply chagrined over this gap in my cultural indoctrination, yet somehow, I shall learn to live with it.

In other news, frequent visitor Jeff Hentosz has a really impressive looking new site. It's mostly a site for his business, but the "The Lab" section is described as his Shlog. Go visit and let him tell you what that's all about. (And if you have any need of a graphic artist, there's that too!)

P.S. In honor of Jeff's new site, tomorrow will be "International double-space after every period Day". Jeff will be wrapping his head in Gaffers Tape to keep the mess to a minimum.


Random Michelle K said...

I read the comic several years ago, and it is very good, but I did not like it. So I won't be watching the movie.

Also: $13.50 for a ticket? Are you kidding me?

$8.25 for a prime time seat, but matinee tickets are $5, and matinee lasts into the late afternoon/early evening.

How insane.

mattw said...

I've tried to read the book a couple times, but Alan Moore's work is so hit or miss with me, and at the time I tried reading it, it was a big miss. I'll go and find a copy somewhere, probably at the library, and try and read it.

I'd like to see the movie, but then there are other movies I'd like to see more.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Alan Moore has gone on record...

(Thank you, Nathan. I appreciate the plug, mucho. As for tomorrow -- good luck, sucka! On the webz you can hit as many spaces as you want after a period and you know what? The webz spits 'em out like they was onions! Hahha! My comment here is littered with superfluous spaces that just went bye-bye. I luv the webz.) in a way he's vindicated.

Nathan said...


If it won't take a double-space.

I'll give it an entire line to mess with.


Take that.


Random Michelle K said...

Nathan, the secret to double-spacing is to type the keyboard command for it:


Random Michelle K said...

Nathan, to be clear, to type multiple spaces you type that code multiple times.

I had to stop to look up the code for ampersand and lost my mind.

Also, you can't use multiple hard returns in a post unless you use the keyboard command for that as well.

MWT said...

I don't even remember what movie I last saw. As a general rule of thumb, I wait until they come out on DVD, by which time I've forgotten all about it and don't rent it, either. :p

Random Michelle K said...

If you like actions movies MWT, I highly recommend Iron Man.

We loved it.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Michelle-- Here's a key combination for ya:


Random Michelle K said...


Nathan: Happy Purim!

Assuming happy is the correct modifier. If not, let me know the correct modifier. (Joyous? Bountiful? Successful? Peaceful?)

Random Michelle K said...

Or should I just cheer "Go Esther! Go Esther!"

Nathan said...

Achasveros wasn't really bad. He was just misunderstood.

vince said...

Comedian David Steinberg had an album years ago called "The Incredible Shrinking God", and on it was a bit about Esther and Joshua in which he did a short song that started out

I'm Achasveros
The king of Persia,
and I'm looking for a queen...

This was sung to the tune of "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover."

neurondoc said...

Drunk Purim would be most appropriate.

I'd never heard of Watchmen or Watchman or whatever it's called until people started yapping about the movie. Not on my list.

I like MilkDuds, but I like Sno-Caps better. Crunchy and chocolate-y.

mattw said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm Snowcaps aaaaaggggghhhhhhh [/drool]