Monday, March 16, 2009

Pardon Me Sir...Could You Spare a Cup of Amusement?

I have all sorts of things I want to blog about today. Let me see...there's squat; there's nada; there's diddly. There's zippo, zilch, goose eggs and if I want to be proper about it, there's also naught. Hmmm. So hard to choose from such a rich cornucopia.

Instead, here's a sampling from fengtastic. I'm especially fond of Cpl. Parsons.


Eric said...

You should totally have blogged about Zilch! He was my favorite Marx Brother of all! I got all excited when you said you were going to write about him, and then you didn't mention him again for the whole rest of the post.

That made me sad.

Jeff Hentosz said...



::lick, lick, lick::


Yukon Cornelius is disappointed in this post and does not see the value for his interwebz dollar. He would like a refund. He will take silver or gold.

Anonymous said...

Two problems with the Canadian jab - horses sink and our navy uses canoes, not inner tubes.

Just sayin.

Nathan said...


This isn't true, but it should be.