Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Clock: She Mocks Me!

For some odd reason, I was falling asleep on the couch last night and finally decided to stop fighting it. I went to bed a 10:18.

Then, for some damn reason I woke up at precisely:

- 11:11
- 12:11
- 1:11
- 2:11
- 3:11
- 4:11
- 5:11
and finally, at 7:17.

I slept soundly through 6:11.

I can't explain it. Your conjecture, surmises, speculation, suppositions and wild-ass theories on the subject are most welcome. Have at it.


Steve Buchheit said...

Old-man bladder?

Random Michelle K said...

Alien mind control.

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

6:11 is so yesterday news. 6:17 is the new 6:11. Did you wake up at 7:11 next? Bwahaha.... gah!

Eric said...

The minutes readout on your clock is burned out?

Tom said...

Hey! Nathan is being clock-mocked! Let's have some sympathy for the guy. Instead you make inane comments that don't help at all.

Nathan "decides" to sleep on the couch at 10:18. I'll bet he didn't have his tin-foil hat on. Then he thinks he woke up at strangely synchronus times throughout the night. Yeah, right. And we know Nathan doesn't do math at all.

What is more likely? That he did wake 7 times at exactly 60 minute intervals, or that he just dreamed he woke then. Sounds like some of Jim's aliens are despairing of communicating with him through his bowls, and have reached out to Nathan. See, Anchorage and New York are both on the same great circle power line, and there's affinity/attraction to Nathan through the electrical activity of the Internet. Jim and Nathan are linked through power flow.

The Alaska/New York power line continues over the Atlantic to London. Guess who just was driven to the New York vicinity from London? Ilya. Who has, by a remarkable coincidece, just met Nathan in the flesh...

Methinks there are stranger things afoot than we can even imagine. We shouldn't ridicule poor Nathan, but rather band together to protect him from these unknown visitor who are placing these numbers into his head.

Nathan, did Janiece send you the tim-foil sack? Get in the fucking sack! Quickly!

Todd Wheeler said...

I suspect the cats. Cats are always up to no good.