Thursday, September 23, 2010

Honoring Those Smart Enough To Pour Piss Out Of A Boot!

OK, that's not really what this is about.  That just seemed like a catchier headline than any of the others I was coming up with.  Today, you don't get any ranting or pontificating...just some pictures taken while running around the Hudson Valley.  Let's start with this statue that stands in the middle of Ellenville.  It's a boy pouring water out of his boot.  There's no piss involved whatsoever.  For some reason, this statue is apparently a dearly beloved symbol of Ellenville.
 Cute, ain't it?  If you want the real story behind it, you can find the info here. (It's a pdf file). You should also know that there are apparently boys pouring water out of boots in town squares all over the country!  Who knew?

Without comment, here are some other things that inspired me to point the camera and press the shutter release.  Hell, I was carrying the camera anyway, so why not?

This last thing caught my eye because it seems to be some stabilizing cables that grew into a tree.  The part you're looking at is about 25' up in the air.  The tree, alas, is no more.  And even though the cables go off toward some poles in the distance, they don't seem to be really stabilizing anything.  I guess it just isn't worth the trouble to haul them down or cut down the rest of the tree.

Have any of you seen anything interesting in the last few days?


D said...

Great shots. They make me miss the East Coast. And "pur piss out of a boot" is one of my most oft used phrases.

Nathan said...

Thanks D. And thanks for commenting. I was starting to worry that I had completely fallen off the internet! It's been a little quiet around here this week.