Friday, September 3, 2010

Neatness Counts! was the day.  Yup! I make sure to get a haircut every few months, whether I need it or not



I kind of wish this was a real Barber Shop instead of a "Hair Stylist".  A real Barber Shop shave (with hot towels and a straight razor), is a most excellent bit of pampering for men.  Getting your hair shampooed before the cut at a Hair Stylist runs a decent second place.  However, when the girl starts off by blasting your head with cold water, that ruins the moment a bit.  When she sticks her fingers inside your ears a few times, you just want to be done.  And I'm quite proud of myself for refraining from slapping her when she managed to spray the back of my shirt with water for a finale!

The haircut came out pretty good though, doncha think?


Shawn Powers said...

Yes, quite lovely.

Our local barber refuses to give a hot lather and shave anymore. It's quite saddening. Now that I'm a big boy, my face actually grows enough scruff that a hot shave would be nice.

Ember: Hey, that's a real word!

Steve Buchheit said...

And real barbers don't pull your hair up by the clumps and snip it off. They use a comb to lift your hair and snip. When I finally found a barber that understood that I was very grateful, even though he was expensive. But now I handle it myself (being the cheap bastard I am). But not only do I save the money, I'm also able to get my hair cut at 11 at night if I need it done.

Tom said...

And that is why I keep going back to my hairdresser cutey ( ), who treats me extra-special, even though I don't have much head hair. No cold water spraying or blasting, nice head rub, and looking and feeling fresh every three weeks!

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