Saturday, September 11, 2010

This fills me with questions.

I ran across this picture while repeatedly hitting the Stumble! button.  It's from the National Archives.  The description says, "Four young members of the Madison Square Boy's Club rowing a boat in a rooftop pool, Manhattan skyscrapers in the background, Feb. 1950."

First question:  How warm was it that February?  They don't look very bundled up.

Next question:  "Madison Square" has referred to a number of different places in Manhattan. The Chrysler Building is clearly identifiable to the right of center, but I'm not sure of the other buildings, so I can't quite nail down the geography.

Next question:  Rooftop pool?  It looks like the roof is just flooded.  And who hauled a rowboat all the way to the roof?

Your questions, captions or comments are welcome.

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