Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mundane? Yeah, We Do That.

On Friday, I found out about a movie looking for a Location Manager.  On Friday afternoon, I spoke to them.  Later Friday afternoon, I read the script.

On Saturday, we made a deal, and tomorrow (Monday), I'm heading a couple of hours north to start work. I'll be there for the next 8 weeks or so. This rates as sudden even by my standards.  And since I'm showing up to the party late, there's a bunch of stuff to get done in a really big hurry.

 You'd think I'd be worrying about stuff like...*

-How am I supposed to find an entire movie's worth of locations in just 2-3 weeks? (2 weeks til tech scouts / 3 weeks to the first day of principle photography.)
-Will I get along with a bunch of people I've never met before? (The D.P. is the only person there I've ever worked with.)
-Can I get all of the minutiae of dealing with permits in an unfamiliar town/county/etc. figured out in time?
-Hell, can I even figure out my way around the area fast enough without getting constantly lost and embarrassing myself?

Oh, sure. I'm thinking about that stuff, too.  But the stuff I'm obsessing  about right now is pretty damned mundane.
-Is there a refrigerator in my room? a coffee machine? microwave?
-I know I'll be coming back to Brooklyn some weekends, but what season do I pack for right now?
-Should I bring my golf clubs?
-The nearest big book store is 30 miles away.  Should I stop and stock up on the way?
-Are crepuscular animals just too damned lazy to do stuff for an entire half of a day?

Feel free to remind me of stuff I may have forgotten to worry about.

Update: I have nothing but respect for the U.S. Coast Guard, but The Guardian is one seriously shitty movie.
*I'm actually not all that worried about any of these items.  I'll deal with it.


Todd Wheeler said...

Where upstate is this? Or is this an undisclosed location kind of thing?

Nathan said...


General vicinity of New Paltz.