Friday, September 17, 2010

I Soooooo Wish I Had Something Clever To Say About This.

So, maybe you know that Yom Kippur started at sundown.  I did.  Maybe you know that I'm not really supposed to be writing this on Yom Kippur (or Shabbat).  I knew that too.  And maybe you knew that a bunch of people use caffeine suppositories to help them survive fasting on Yom Kippur.

I. Did. Not. Know. This.

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neurondoc said...

Wow. Clearly I go to the wrong services...

Though allegedly Adam Sandler showed up at a friend's temple in Tucson on YK. He sat in on some of the tot service. When the assistant rabbi asked if anyone knew what was special about YK, he raised his hand and asked "You get 8 dyas of presents?" Not sure if this is true, but it is funny.