Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem...

Anon GF and I spent part of the weekend in Bethlehem, PA.  It was, more or less, just a quick getaway from NY to be lazy, eat, be lazy, look at stuff, and be lazy.  It's actually a really attractive town.  Enjoy some pictures!

This is what it looks like along Watts Street waiting to get into the Holland Tunnel. (This was really the last traffic we saw until we got back to the city and had to wait forever on the other side of the tunnel.)

A cool old advertisement on the wall of a building along Main Street in Bethlehem.

More Main Street
Looking toward the mountains outside of town. (I know these don't count as mountains for some of you.  Hey...they're the Poconos and they've had a long hard life!)

An old place outside of downtown.  I'd hate to see what Floyd's Worst Store looks like.

Here are a bunch of pretty houses right in the middle of town.  I'm thinking some of them belonged to Steel Mill owners and some were just for reasonably prosperous citizens.
This is a little guest house for the big-assed one that precedes it.

And then, outside of town, there's this farm house that's for sale.  It needs a little work.
Some great details, though!

I didn't bother hauling the camera with us everywhere we went.  We were being lazy!

Stay tuned for my next post because (cue dramatic music)...I had an EPIPHANY yesterday!  You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?

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