Friday, March 27, 2009

Comb Your Hair and Get Dressed, You Lazy Git.

Today has been one of those days that are weirdly productive, yet, at the same time...

I got up at 6:00 a.m., and in mere minutes, I was on the couch, in my p.j.'s, watching the news and looking at in hand. By 9:00 a.m., I was on the second pot of coffee and I'd already done a fair amount of paperwork for next week's shoot and started emailing forms and letters and permits and, you name it.

By 9:15, my phone started to ring. For the next couple of hours, I was making and taking calls and sending out stuff I needed to send out, non-stop.

At a little before Noon, I realized I was still sitting there in my p.j.'s. Now I don't know about you guys, but regardless of how much work I'm actually getting done, I still feel like a slob if I haven't even bothered to get dressed yet. So I hopped into the shower and got myself done up like a real person.

During the brief time it took to shower, shave and get dressed, I'd missed 3 phone calls and had 7 new emails. It took me an hour to deal with those.

Then I started slacking. There were blogs to look at. I hadn't really looked at a newspaper yet. FARK and xkcd were beckoning.

It's now almost 4:00pm and I figure I got a good 10 hours of work done during the the 6 hours before Noon (when I was being a slob), and about 90 minutes of work done in the 3.5 hours since I decided I should be dressed like an adult.

Clearly, there's something wrong with this. You'd think that seriously earning a day's pay should involve putting your pants on, but the evidence says otherwise.


John the Scientist said...

"Clearly, there's something wrong with this. You'd think that seriously earning a day's pay should involve putting your pants on, but the evidence says otherwise."

That clearly depends on what your work is.

Mine generally involves pants, though. :p

Janiece said...

Nathan, don't be sharing the secrets of the V.O. crowd.

Nathan said...

I swear. If I figure out what the V.O. crowd is, I'll do my best to protect their secrets. V.O. in my world means "voice over". They usually have to show up at a studio, so I'm pretty sure they get dressed.

neurondoc said...

I spent my whole day in PJ's and a sweat shirt. It was my work-at-home day, or else I would've scared my coworkers. But my 2 things that were due today (okay one was due yesterday) are done! Yay! And I am off to have sushi for dinner. ThePinkThing likes it.

Thanks for the very topical post. :-)

Random Michelle K said...

My grandmother refuses to sit around in her PJs, even if she doesn't see anyone until we get home until 6.

She says (to paraphrase) once you start doing that it's all over with.

MWT said...

Sounds to me like you broke your groove by getting into the shower.

Nathan said...


I will thank you not to discuss my butt-crack.

Ilya said...

For this experiment to be at least somewhat scientific, you need to go to bed in your work get-up, repeat the same process in reverse (i.e., change into PJs after showering) and see if there is a pattern there.

I bet the shower will again be a culprit :)

Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure we'd have to find a way to un-shower for this to have any scientific validity.