Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Those of You (StubHubSucks) Who (StubHubSucks) Might Want (StubHubSucks) To Get Tickets to An Event (StubHubSucks).

A few days ago, I talked about my issues with StubHub(Sucks). A kindly person who goes by the name Anonymous suggested I try I'm pleased to announce, for those of you who care, that I've found a couple of seats on their site that make me completely happy (assuming they show up). The website was even easier to navigate than StubHub(Sucks) and my only real problem was that there was an awful lot to choose from.

And while I got these tickets for even less than the original (non)-tickets from StubHub(Sucks), I should also mention that Vivid Seats charged a whopping 36% in service fees and shipping (FedEx). Truth be told, though, I don't really mind paying the premium if I actually get what I paid for. I'll let you know.

GF and I will be sitting in the front row of the GrandStand (Section 420C). I think we'll like that.

BTW, when I was madly Googling "Stub Hub Sucks" to find out where I was showing up, I discovered that I'm far from the only person with this opinion. In fact, the opinion is apparently so common that StubHub has seen fit to register and so that they each forward you to their site. I guess they figure If we can't not suck, we'll suck you in anyway. Way to battle that image problem!

Oh, and another thing. It seems the Yankees organization has noticed that the Field Boxes have been sitting empty for most of the games so far. Imagine...folks have balked at shelling out $2500 per seat (and I think that was the discounted rate for those buying season tickets). So they're cutting the price by 50% and offering idiots who already shelled out that much an extra seat for free. Wow! That sounds like a deal that's way too good to pass up. (For anybody who's curious, I shelled out $60.00/seat for the nosebleed section. I can live with that.)

Oh, and another, 'nother thing. GO RED SOX!

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Jen said...

It's always fun when you check out and like $40 is added to your total. Bought 4 tickets last weekend to the LSU game and the service fee for the four tickets was $200+ higher on Stubhub different to .