Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Am Pissed Off At StubHub Because They Suck and Their Customer Service Rep Sucks and Her Supervisor Sucks and Did I Mention That Stubhub Sucks?

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd be going to the Red Sox/Yankees Game on Monday May 4th. Uh, not so much.

My phone rang at 9:30 this morning. It was someone from StubHub calling to let me know that the tickets I bought for that game aren't actually tickets at all. They're apparently something that allows me to tour the Membership Club, but that if I'd want to actually stay and actually watch the ball game, I'd actually have to already own SEASON FUCKING TICKETS. He was very careful to enunciate each time that the seller had posted the wrong information but even though this isn't even romotely their fault at all, they were going to generously refund all of my money and it would only take 2-3 weeks for me to get it back.

Could he help me get actual tickets to the game for a comparable price?, I could go on the website or call their customer service number and someone would help me get new tickets. I asked him if he didn't think that maybe having had 10 days elapse might not have caused many of the better/cheaper tickets to have already sold? He didn't want to speculate about that possibility.

I called their customer service rep. She took 12 minutes to let me know that my refund would be processed in only 7-10 days (not 2-3 weeks), but was otherwise not terribly helpful. (What is the deal with the fact that companies can take my money instantaneously, but have to ship the refund by Pony Express?) When she kept telling me that she couldn't do anything for me, I asked her, "Is there any question I could hypothetically ask you where your answer would be that you'd have to check with a supervisor?" She said, "Yes". I said, "How about if I just speak to your supervisor now?"

I held for a while.

Supervisor Dude picked up. He was no help for a much longer period of time than the first person had been which is the only measure by which he seemed superior.

The upshot is this (and StubHub can't understand where I might be anything less than thrilled by this): I have no tickets to the May 4th (or any other game). My refund will show up significantly after I spend more money to get tickets (if I decide to try buying tickets again). The deals I might have gotten 10 days ago are, most likely gone. And I can just sign on to StubHub and start from scratch like any other schmuck who just thought about looking for tickets today.

The thing that really gets me about all of this is that the asshole supervisor at StubHub didn't even have the grace to acknowledge that I might have any reason at all to be unhappy. His attitude seemed to say that I was being horribly unreasonable to expect him to actually do anything that might cause a customer to be satisfied.

Even airlines have better customer service than this. For Chrissakes, Dominos Pizza has better customer service than this.

Fuck StubHub.


WendyB_09 said...

Thanks for the warning. It came just in time.

My boss has season tickets here, and most years he can sell the games he doesn't want to friends. This year has been a little slow.

The Braves have a Stub-Hub connection as well. Boss was talking about having Stub-Hub unload his unused tickets and getting some of his money back.

BUT, as he is huge on customer service & support, I think we'll do a little more invetigating before we use the S-H services.


MWT said...

Good lord.

That sounds remarkably like the Paper Airline Tickets debacle I had last year.

Nathan said...


Did you ever get that refund?

MWT said...

I'm not sure what actually happened with that. My mother put the second round on one of her cards instead of mine, and hasn't mentioned it since.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your experience with them, that blows. Not sure if it helps, but Vivid Seats has tons of tickets for that game still available:

Their customer service has been pretty good in my experience with buying from them.

Nathan said...

Thanks Anonymous,

Their website looks pretty good (shows options really easily). I think I should be able to find something good there.

Anonymous said...

FUCKING A RIGHT STUB HUB BLOWS!! I sold my tickets on there and they forced me to pay 26 dollars to ship them 3 blocks down the street! Then after the tickets were signed for and a confirmed delivery on FedEx they told me to wait 2-3 weeks for them to deposit the money in my PayPal account. My next question is why do I have to wait 2-3 weeks to get paid on PayPal when they are owned by eBay which is the same company that owns PayPal. They responded with oh... oh... oh... PayPal was made for eBay stub hub was not. We were an acquired company. We have the money we just hold it for customer satisfaction reasons. Well guess what I’m a customer of that site and holding my money for three weeks isn't making me feel too satisfied!! WOW WHAT A JOKE!! USE EBAY OR CRAIGSLIST I DO ALL THE TIME AND NEVER HAVE A PROBLEM!