Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yankee Stadium on April 16, 2009

The new Yankee Stadium opened today.

Before the game, Bernie Williams performed on the field. (This isn't it, but it's what he played.)

Kelly Clarkson sang the first National Anthem at the new stadium.

Yogi Berra threw out the first Ceremonial First Pitch at the new stadium.

Derek Jeter was the first Yankee to bat at the new stadium. (very fitting since he had the final at bat in the old stadium.)

Jorge Posada hit the first home run in the new stadium.

Oh. And the Yankees lost their first game in the new stadium.

It would have been better if it had been the Red Sox who beat them, but that's all pretty close to perfection anyway.

Edited to Add: As GF has mentioned before, I'm easily influenced. So, of course, I just went on line and bought two tickets for the Red Sox/Yankees game on Monday, May, 4th. We'll be sitting in the front row of the "Membership Club". (See it in red there in the left field corner?)
I have no idea whether or not these will be good seats or not, but I do know two things. First of all, the seats were highly reasonable in price (much less than a bunch of the other seats that were available). And second...the membership club has waiter service. So, no matter how good or bad the seats may be, someone will be bringing my my $12 hot dogs. Yessssssss!


Jeff Hentosz said...

This is regarding ... what? A sport of some kind?

Nathan said...


We all like a good joke but the opening day of Jai Alai season is no laughing matter.

Behave yourself!

John the Scientist said...

It's a game, Jeff. For little boys. :D

Steve Buchheit said...

(giggling) You know, I think this is the first game this season the Indians won. I nearly did a spit take when this came on the news last night.

Nathan said...


It's the third game they've one (part of a 2-game winning streak, I'll have you know)!

And let us not speak of the Red Sox's 3-6, cellar dwelling performance so far. (We don't start saying "Wait'll next year" until sometime in July.)

Tom said...

It looks like your seats might be a good place to snag a foul ball or two!

And yeah, less said about 3-6 the better.

Go Red Sox (Yankees suck!)

WendyB_09 said...

Ah, that new stadium smell.
At least the hotdog water will be fresh and the beer-pumping lines clean.

Our new Braves minor league stadium opened Friday night. In an effort to be "green" they're using so-called gray water where they can. And have little signs over each and every fixture in the bathrooms that say "We use recycled water. Please do not drink the water." And when was the last time you drank toilet water we asked????