Monday, April 6, 2009

Now-a-days, You Watch A Movie, Take A Dump, and You're Home.

I know you've all seen this, but you should watch it again. I think it should be required viewing for all travelers.

I'm flying to Florida today to spend Passover with the family. I was going to bitch because the airline called me before I left home to tell me the flight was on time, and then, my cab disobeyed the laws of nature and got me to the airport so fast that I was checked in 10 minutes before I left home and then the airline called me again to let me know the flight would be delayed for an hour.

The fact is, I left home this morning, and I'll arrive in Florida some time tonight after sitting in a chair in the sky traveling 500 mph! I'll get there the same day. The wheel on my Conestoga wagon will not break. We won't be attacked by Sioux warriors or taken advantage of by ex-Confederate soldiers trying to make a buck off of naive settlers. It won't take 6 months to get where I'm going and it's doubtful that everybody on the plane will come down with some horrible disease and die before we get there.

So, this is me, shutting the fuck up about how horrible it is to travel by air. (I'll also sit here enjoying the texts Tania is sending me about pygmy marmosets stowing away in my luggage.)

(BTW, as mentioned in the comment thread two posts back, there's still one more chocolate sampler up for grabs. All you have to do is say you want it. But not in this thread. In that one. Two threads back.)

Update: The flight has just been pushed back another hour. I WANT MY 500MPH CHAIR!


neurondoc said...

Pat, pat, pat. I guess you should be glad that my office building does a good job blocking cell reception, because then I would feel inclined to text random stuff.

vince said...

And you should be glad that I don't do texting, otherwise I would text you about random, non-pygmy marmoset stuff that makes no sense to anyone but me.

And have a great time with the family.

neurondoc said...

Are we there yet?

neurondoc said...

Are we there yet?

neurondoc said...

Are we there yet?

neurondoc said...

Are we there yet??????

Nathan said...

Uh...yes we are.

The flight to Charlotte was delayed twice and my three hour layover turned into literally enough time to get off the plane, go down the hall two gates and board my connection.

No complaints on that account.

Ilya said...

In all seriousness, when we grumble about air travel, we don't compare it to our imaginary lives 200 years ago, but rather to our very real lives of today, in which we are mostly in control. Letting someone else control our lives for a few hours - while being visibly nonchalant about causing us inconveniences and indignities - makes that whole "Wow!" experience considerably less so.

I posted that clip myself, as you know, because I agree with the general idea of "everything is amazing". But I reserve the right to grumble about air travel all the same. :)

Nathan said...

So Ilya,

you're that guy who's gonna complain about having to sleep all the way to mars?


neurondoc said...

Wow! So you got in at the time you were supposed to. Glad that it wasn't too horrible. Happy Seder-ing. Hope you find the afikoman... :-D

Carol Elaine said...

Yea! Nathan made it!

Have a fantastic time with the family!