Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lunch Today.

I just sliced up the left-over corned beef, heated it up in a frying pan and ate that...dipping it in hot mustard. Fritos on the side with a Coke to drink.

I may have that leftover 1/2 of a chicken salad sandwich next.

More announcements as events warrant.


Shawn Powers said...

And you claim not to understand Twitter... :)

Nathan said...


kimby said... I want corned beef!

Tania said...

I'm about to order Chinese takeout and have a coke with it. And then run up to campus because one of my friends made Whoopie Pies and is saving me one until 2:30 PM. After that, it's fair game.

John the Scientist said...

Chinese takeout. In Alaska.

They Americanize it down here in the lower 48. What do they do in Alaska, serve whale sushi*? :p

*I've actually had kojira.

Jeri said...

I had leftover corned beef too - what little the locust boys left me - over rye with sauerkraut, swiss & a dollop of thousand island dressing.

Mmmm... reubens. I have to make them very carefully, though, to avoid my soggy phobia.

Tania said...

JTS - our Chinese takeout isn't so hot, but sometimes I want an order of fried won tons and won ton soup for lunch. Otherwise, it's truly hideous.

Fairbanks has a couple of sushi places that aren't bad (shocking!). John's sister gives two of them a passing grade, she lived in Hakodate for 3 years.

And remember, we have access to whale. You can't commercially use it, but you can gift it. ;)

Random Michelle K said...

My brother is going to be bringing back fresh corned beef and rye bread and pickles from Baltimore when he passes through after a week of meetings in DC.

Attman's on Lombard Street is where he'll be getting it. Corned beef from Attman's is one of the few times I regret giving up red meat.

He's bringing me turkey pastrami, which is good, but not the same.

Nathan said...

I'm sorry, but I just don't get the theory that you can make any meat at all out of turkey. When I was in Israel, (1978), turkey was plentiful and beef was hard to come by. They used to extrude turkey into all kinds of shape and tell us it was something else. It always just tasted like turkey to me.

Recently, GF and I knuckled under and tried turkey-bacon. 1.) I couldn't tell when it was done because it looked the same size and color no matter how long I left it in the pan. 2.) It wasn't bad, but between the taste and the wasn't bacon.

On the other hand (much to Vince's chagrin), by current alcohol prohibition inspired me to try an O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer while I was in Florida. It may be a result of not having had the real thing in three months, but I didn't hate it.

Random Michelle K said...

I didn't saw it *was* pastrami. It's turkey with pastrami spices, and I like it. Mostly because pretty much anything you get at Attman's is very good. (Though I remain disturbed that Jewish deli sells crab cakes. Just saying.)

I actually think that things--like turkey bacon, and tofurkey--that are supposed to fake tasting like something else are stupid.

I don't like the taste of most meat. Why would I want something that tastes like something I don't like?!

Jim Wright said...

Chik & Ruth's Kosher Deli in Annapolis - BEST RUBEN EVAH.

Though I make a pretty damned fine Ruben too - on Sourdough Rye. mmmm mmmmmmmmm.

Now I'm all hungry.

And Nathan, get a twitter feed, because, Dude, you're doing it anyway.

MWT said...

I once went to a vegetarian restaurant in California that was famous for making tofu look, taste, and have the texture of all sorts of different kinds of meat. In most cases it was indistinguishable - especially the seafood imitations. But they couldn't do beef.

Jim Wright said...

Also, I like like turkey bacon. You've got to fry it crisp though.

It's not bacon bacon, but I still like it. Also, it doesn't give me fucking heartburn, so that's huge plus.

I like Canadian Bacon too. Just saying. Had some this morning on an English muffin with sharp cheddar cheese, I'm all international and shit today.

Nathan said...

I will not twit and you can't make me.

(Jeez, one day with a little short pictureless post and they come after me like rabid hyenas.)

John the Scientist said...

Nathan, I don't twat either. Because I'm not a twit.