Monday, April 20, 2009

How Nomadic Are You?


MWT said...

Hmmm. Places where I've been for 30+ days?

0. There are pictures of me as a baby in places other than where I first remember living, and stories of me disturbing neighbors by crying a lot at night. >.>

1. Bloomington, IN: downtown. ~18 years
2. Taipei, TW: two summers (not in a row).
3. Muncie, IN: Indiana Academy of Sciences, Mathematics, and Humanities (a state-run boarding high school). 2 years, but only while school was in session.
4. Bloomington, IN: Kensington (residential neighborhood). ~5 years.
5. Cardwell, MT: two summers of geology field camp at ~6 weeks apiece.
6. Bloomington, IN: Fountain Park (an apartment complex). 1 year.

7. Wilmington, NC: Pine something apartment complex. 2 years.
8. Wilmington, NC: Glen something apartment complex. 1 year.
9. Castle Hayne, NC: someone's house just north of Wilmington. 4 months.

10. Smyrna, GA: apartment complex within Atlanta metro area. 6 months.

11. Savannah, GA: some random apartment complex. 1 year.
12. Savannah, GA: apartment complex where I am today. Coming up on 7 years.

Huh. That's a lot more than I thought, and I might've forgotten some other short-term stays.

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

Did you go to Israel as part of the exchange program? What's with the Kibbutz?

Nathan said...

The Kibbutz was part of Ramah's "Ulpan" Program. I forget the literal translation for "Ulpan", but its goal is to encourage immigration to Israel. There wasn't a chance in hell I was moving there permanently, but going there that way meant I only paid airfare and spending money. Room and board were in exchange for working on the Kibbutz on alternating weeks and taking classes the rest of the time. We also had a fair amount of free days to travel around the country.

There was the added benefit that I was supposed to get out of High School a 1/2 year early and get enough credits to graduate. (They forgot to actually give me the credits, but that's another story.)

Keith Wilson said... small list....
1. London, ON Canada (apartment on Grovensor Ave) (2yrs)
2. London ON Canada (my parents built their first house) (2 1/2 yrs)
3. Clearbrook, B.C. Canada (6 months)
4. Clearbrook BC again,(moved six houses down) (1 yr?)
5. London ON again, this time lived with my Godparents. (6 months)
6.Frome, ON Canada (my father still lives in this house)
7. Laurier Hall, 10th floor, University of Windsor. (9 months)
8. Back to Frome for the summer.(3months)
9. Laurier Hall 9th floor. (9 months)
10 Frome yet again for the summer. (3 months)
11. Donelly St. Windsor, ON (crappy apartment) (maybe 2 yrs?)
12.Dufferin Ave. Windsor ON (nicer but still crappy apartment) (1 1/2 yrs?)
13. Pillette Ave. Windsor ON (moving up in the world, but still students living in apartment..but this one had a fireplace) (several yrs)
14. Hall Ave. Windsor ON (Our first place as a married couple) (4 yrs)
15. Drouillard Rd.Windsor ON (a whole house, but still just renting) (5 yrs?)
16. Wilsonworld, where we are now, Windsor, ON..(our own home)

Boring list, nowhere exciting, but I have joined in...after all, you gave me chocolate!

Shawn Powers said...

Detroit -- Inner City
Cheboygan -- In the Boon Docks
Indian River (2 places)

That's it for me. :)

John the Scientist said...

I'm not going to give exact streets or even towns, nor are these in order:

1 Northern Virginia - one address

2,3,4 Western Maryland - 3 addresses

5,6,7 Pittsburgh, PA - 3 addresses

8 Terre Haute, IN - the pimple on the ass of the USA.

9,10 Moscow, Russian FSR USSR - 2 addresses, one of which was a Sports Hall with a sign on the front "Closed for Repairs"

11 Orel, Russian FSR, USSR

12 Kaunas, Lithuanian SSR, USSR

13 Prague, Checkoslovakia (yes, I know they split, but they hadn't yet when I stayed there)

14 Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

15 Paris, France

16 London, England, UK

17 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

18 Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Japan

19 New York, New York

20 My current address in New England

I've only spent 3 weeks in my favorite place on Earth - Singapore.

But I pretty much span the Northern Hemisphere. :D

Nathan said...


I gave your wife chocolate. If she chose to share it with you, I can't take credit. :)

kimby said...

Sorry, that comment from Keith is actually from me...I am using his computer and forgot to log him out of blogger.

Nathan, I will share the chocolates (seeing as how you told i'm I got them and all....)

Nathan said...

I'm the one who told him you got chocolate? I don't think so!

Tom W. said...

The hotel for 30+ days allowance is a bit dicey - I mean if you're staying in a hotel between residences, that makes sense.

Here's mine (with temporary and on-location work places in parens):

1. Florence Ave., Fairborn, OH (9 mos.)
2. Rushton Dr., Beavercreek OH (7yrs)
3. Cranberry Place, Dayton, OH (14 yrs)
(4. Apt in Oxford, OH (1 summer theater season)
5. Apt on E 12 St NYC (1 summer)
6. Apt on N. Dixie Dr., Dayton (1 yr)
7. Apt on N. Philadelphia St., Dayton (1yr)
8. House on Prince St, Dayton (1 summer)
9. W. 193rd St. NYC (2 yrs.)
10. W. 88th St. NYC (7 yrs.)
(11. Hotel in N.O.L.A. - 2 mos on location)
(12. Hotel in Boston - 3 mos on location)
13. N. B'way - Hastings-on-Hudson (9 yrs)
14. House in Dobbs Ferry NY (10 yrs)
(15. Hotel in Montreal - 3 mos on location)

Random Michelle K said...

I think I may get the fewest residences as far as moving from city to city, especially since all the moves were before I was three. I have, however, moved a lot within Mo-town.

Fayetteville NC for the first 6 months of my life.

Baltimore MD for about a year or so.

A camper somewhere in WV for a couple months while my Dad started school and my parents were waiting to buy their home.

Morgantown, WV in the city for 10 years.

Morgantown, WV, outside the city, six years.

Milwaukee, WI, two semesters, about 10 months. (1988 - 1989)

Morgantown, WV, back to my parents house ~ 1 year (1989 - 1990)

Morgantown, WV Rental 1 ~ 3 months
Morgantown, WV Rental 2 ~ 6 months

Morgantown, WV, back to my parents house (1991 - 1994)

Morgantown, WV rental 3 (1994 - 1998)
Dellslow, WV (outside Morgantown) rental 4 (1998 - 1999)
Morgantown, WV Rental 5 (1999 - 2001)

Morgantown, WV Current house (2001 to present)

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts (9 addresses)
Maine (2 residences)
New York (upstate, no fun)
Virginia (couple summers)
California (few more summers)

14? Always felt like more with all the damn moving boxes.

Ilya said...

My list is quite small compared to yours, Nathan, and a number of commenters. Knowing your professed hate of memes, I'm going to treat this like one and actually post the list on my site.

::where's the devilish smiley when you need one?::

Nathan said...

I don't hate memes as much as I hate enforced memes. It's getting that dreaded email telling me what I must post and then telling me I have to foist it off on 6 other people that I hate.

Things that just make me want to post 'my version' are just hunky-dory!

neurondoc said...

I thought about doing this, but I can't remember all of the places I lived. During 3rd and 4th years of med school I moved every 4-12 weeks...

WendyB_09 said...

Let's see now...

1. Medina, NY: 13 years, 2 weeks
2. White Plains, NY: 5 years
2.5 Mahopac, NY: Rock Hill GS Camp - 2 summers when I was in high school
3. Greensboro, NC: 5 years, 3 addresses
4. Rome, GA: 6 months
5. Rocky Face, GA: 3.5 years
6. Dalton, GA: 1 year
7. Kissimmee, FL: 3 years, 2 places
8. Reidsville, NC: 1 year
9. Hampton, GA: 3 years
10. Ellenwood, GA: 1 year
11. Marietta, GA: 3 years (cool townhouse)
12. Woodstock, GA: 5.5 years, house near the lake
13. Atlanta, GA: 3 years, midtown apartment
14. Marietta, GA: 3 years, apartment
15. Atlanta, GA: 6 months, downtown loft conversion next to Underground Atlanta
16. Atlanta, GA: 3 years, Buckhead condo
17. Atlanta, GA: 4 years, Emory area apartment

Whew! I think that gets it.