Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Not really. I just want to see how many hits this gets from people searching Google.

In keeping with my basic contrariness, you're welcome to guess how many hits this will generate between now and Noon EST tomorrow (April 16th), but there's no prize. Hell, there won't even be bragging rights. (If you were fooled into visiting by the title, feel free to call me nasty names in the comments. Creativity is encouraged.)

Tough Toenails!

Edited to make note of the fact that a search of Google (both for the web and for blogs) doesn't point you here at all. This experiment is shaping up to be a dismal failure.


neurondoc said...

I would prefer the FREE toaster.

Random Michelle K said...

I don't believe that google loves you enough for you to get bombed today.

Now in a couple weeks....

Random Michelle K said...

What you needed to do was make a post called "Free Stuff" and then get everyone you know to link to that post with the text "Free Stuff"

Google isn't really magical, it just seems like that sometimes.