Friday, May 22, 2009

Flowers, Fruit & More of Those Damn Baby Birds.

I don't know what this is called, so it's a PomPom Flower.
Someone else who lives here knows its name, but she's not home right now.


Maybe. I know they grow in front of the Hybernia bush. Or maybe Hyacinth bush. Or Hypoxic bush. Whatever. They're a different kind of PomPom Flower.

This is a rose.
Don't try to tell me it isn't.

These will be more roses. The bush is covered with huge clusters of buds like this.
I like it just fine until after they start to die off and then the rain washes the petals all over the place. Those petals are really hard to clean up.

These will be pears...sort of. Most of them never get ripe because the squirrels walk around taking a bite or two out of each of them. They don't like them, but they'll just keep testing them just in case there's one that tastes different.

Here's one of the baby birds living in the Cherry Tree.
"Mommeeeeeeeee! I'm hungry!"

And Mom comes home.
Note the baby waiting in the left side of the nest.

And both babies are there.

This has been Wild Kingdom, from Mutual of Omaha.


Anonymous said...

Those aren't lilies...they're gladioluses (gladioli?) I'm 90% sure.

Random Michelle K said...

You scare me Nathan.

You'd confuse a bearded iris with a lily?!

Irises are embarrassing with the way they flaunt their naughty bits. Lilies are typically trumpet shaped.

The "pom pom" flower is a species of Allium. They're in the same family as onions. (Notice that the flowers on my chives look similar to your allium.

And I'm jealous of your roses. I bet they smell like roses too.

Random Michelle K said...

Definitely not gladioli. Gladioli are mid to late summer flowers.

They're definitely bearded irises.

Random Michelle K said...


Nathan said...

But it is in front of the Hybernia bush...right?

Random Michelle K said...

You're kidding right? I'm supposed to ID from a blurry background?

I'm good, but I ain't that good.

Anne C. said...

Those baby birds are adorable.

Nathan said...


It's a hydrangea. I know that, but every time I forget (which is every time I have to refer to the thing), I go through every word I can think of that starts with "hy".

Anne, there was a big raven hanging out at the nest this morning while the mom was away and I was sure he was going to eat them.

WendyB_09 said...

Oh, I had a robin family nesting outside my balcony a couple years ago. Parents eventually got used to me coming out very quietly and standing there watching (camera in hand, of course).

This year I have a pair of young cardinals that seem to have fledged their first family. I'll know for sure tomorrow, I suspect the chicks flew the nest this past week whilest I was at work.


Random Michelle K said...


Hydrangea require lots of water--my usually droops in late afternoon even though I water it every day.

The hydr- should remind you of water consumption.

Does that help?

Nathan said...

So now, all we've done is add Hydrox, hydrogen and Hydra to the litany.

Nice try, though.

neurondoc said...

Nathan, we must be related. I usually describe flowers by their color and shape (purple puff flowers, pink spiky flowers). I can identify roses and daisies correctly, and that's about it.

Oh, and here's another Hy- word: Hydrops...

Random Michelle K said...

Hydrogen is good! Dihydrogen monoxide! That should remind you!

MWT said...

Yeah, I don't even try to identify anything. I just post up the pictures and assume someone will come along to tell everyone what they are. ;)