Monday, May 4, 2009

Which Whine Do You Think Goes Best With Hot Dogs?

Remember the difficulties I had getting tickets for a Yankees/Red Sox game this week? First I had tickets in some special section (with a roof, no less -- and that'll be important in a minute), and then I found out those tickets weren't tickets at all, but some sort of pass allowing the riff-raff to get a look at how the well heeled live and then GET THE HELL OUT before any baseball is played.

Then I found some pretty good tickets on another website and I was pretty happy with those seats. (I didn't bother telling you about how FedEx wouldn't deliver without a signature and the guaranteed "by 4:30 p.m. delivery" happened at 7:02 p.m. thus imprisoning me at home ALL Day, but as long as I'm bellyaching here, I might as well include it now.)

So, we have tickets for tomorrow night's game. Guess what? The weather tonight, and predicted for tomorrow night is in the 40's with fairly constant drizzle. This isn't enough rain to call the game and reschedule it for some lovely comfortable evening in the future. It's just enough to make sitting high up in the sky with a light, damp, chilly wind seem...miserable.

I'm currently dreading going to a game that I've put a great deal of effort and cash into. I suppose I could bring an umbrella and make sure I'll be murdered by the people sitting behind if cheering for the Red Sox in Yankee Stadium won't be enough to get me hurled off of the upper tier.

Ah...good times!
Note: The first person to make fun of me for posting with such an obvious typo, (now fixed), is gonna get such a clout!


Tom said...

Damn, I''m too late to see the typo!

I'll be watching the game tomorrow, so I'll be with you in spirit. That is, if you actually show up after bitching about it so much.

And yeah, I'm watching the game right now, but it's in rain delay.

Nathan said...

Thanks a bunch Tom. Here I was just thinking about either the game being called on account of rain or getting to watch it in a constant drizzle.

I totally forgot they can leave us sitting there for a couple of hours (while the players stay dry in the locker room) and then call the game.

Yeah Tom. Thanks for that.

MWT said...

Just think of all the blogging mileage you could get out of that third situation. ;)

Random Michelle K said...

Gee, if only you know how to txt on you phone, you could delight us all with updates of your status. As you sit in the rain. And cold. Getting wet. And freezing.

John the Scientist said...

This is why you don't get tickets to a baseball game until it's actually summer. :p

Nathan said...

It was like 90 degrees the day I ordered the tickets. Silly me.

Tom said...

So, did you go? Did you stay? Did you see the Sox beat the Yankees 7-3?

Or did you only watch the first inning, which would have been enough to see all the scoring the Sox needed.

I love that the new Yankee Stadium hasn't seen the Red Sox lose a game there yet. And that fact that the Yankees themselves haven't seen the Red Sox lose to them this year.

I know the reason the Sox won was because you were there, Nathan. :)

Nathan said...

Patience Tom. Patience.

I was hitting publish while you were commenting.

Tom said...

Yes, I see. All my questions answered. Thank you, Nathan. :)