Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm A Lemming.

Yup. I've been roped into playing FarmTown on Facebook. And If you don't show up when your crops are ready, they just rot there in the fields. And if you start off not knowing how to maximize your use of the available space, you end up with plowed fields just willy nilly all over the place. Bah!

The stuff toward the left side and the top is fine. All those fields in the middle and on the right are gonna have a visit from the bulldozer after they've been harvested. And my livestock won't stay in the pen. What's up with that?


Anne C. said...

My plan to conquer the world through Farmtown is coming to fruition. Granted, it's backfired a little, since I'm addicted too... details details.

Longer term crops should last in the fields longer too. (The rule I've heard quoted but am too chicken to test is they can wait at full maturity the same amount of time it took them to get to full maturity.)

As for your animals - make sure there are no gaps in your fence.

Someone else will have to hijack this post, since I'm way too into it's on topic subject.

Nathan said...

My next problem is that I guess I need to recruit more neighbors so I score neighbor points (whatever those are good for).

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood.
a beautiful day in this neighbor...
would you be my...
could you be my...

(That's an open invitation if anybody wasn't really paying close attention.)

John the Scientist said...

Yeah, Nathan, you've got a hole in the left-hand side of your fence.

So do my neighbors - I occasionally have one of their Herefords on my lawn. I'd like to see the coyotes try to take one of them down. Get their skinny asses kicked all the way to the NY border. :D

Speaking of which - does Farmtown have chickens and free-roving predators like foxes? That would be entertaining.

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

There's also a gap in the fence on the right. And, uh, doesn't there need to be a fence along the property perimeter? Not that I know anything about the game.

Dr. Phil

neurondoc said...

The property perimeter acts like a fence itself.

I'm one of Nathan's neighbors. I think Anne tried to "neighbor" me, but for some reason it won't work (or she is already full of neighbors).

It's all Anne's fault.

MWT said...

The animals tend to come out the hole in the right. That is, every time I visit, the moment I appear they all file out of that hole and come at me. o.O

Neighboring isn't a mutual thing. You have to both send a neighbor request out, AND accept the neighbor request in, from the same person. The requests are all in the facebook requests area - upper right of the home page, same place where all the gifts appear.

It's also not vital. As far as I can tell, the trophies don't do anything useful. It's just handy for visiting other people's farms without having to bail out to the Neighbours tab.

Anne C. said...

MWT's right about the non importance of neighboring (if you are FB friends already).

Natalie, I do have you on my neighbors. You may not have me on yours. Send me an invite and I'll accept it. :)