Saturday, May 9, 2009

Please Line Up On The Left To Turn In Your Geek Credentials.

Is it a Star Trek Character, an NPR Personality, a Food Additive or a Floor Wax? Test yourself here.

I got 73%...Oh, the shame!


vince said...

I got 86%. The two I missed were NPR personalities I thought were food additives.

I got me geek cred, or at least Star Trek cred.

Anonymous said...

86%, though I claim a foul on question #1.

kimby said...

:hangs head in shame..:

Eric said...

::Looks at list, fails to recognize half the names, goes ahead and hands in geek credentials with head hung in shame...::

::then realizes he just posted a blog entry about auto repairs that contained a Call Of Cthulhu RPG reference and grabs back his geek credentials and runs for it::

::and almost immediately trips and falls on his face and is laughed at by a bunch of popular kids and jocks::

::will later soothe his wounded ego by reading old issues of Spider-Man and wishing he had super strength and the ability to climb walls while simultaneously engaging in a silent and possibly envious internal monologue about how Peter Parker's fingertips lack sufficient surface area from which to hang his whole unsupported weight while crawling across a ceiling::

Jeff Hentosz said...


Apparently I'm supposed to be proud. And yet...

Nathan said...

Todd, I find your claim of foul on question #1 to be...well, something I can't think of the word for. If, in fact, there was ever a character named Honey Bare, it's deserving of inclusion in your trivia trove.


That last bit about Spiderman gets you so much geek-cred that we're all a little worried about you.


100%? Have you met Eric?

Anonymous said...

(because I know others really, really, really want to take that test blind).

Apparently, Honey Bare was in an episode of DS9, the worst spin-off of the franchise.

I make a distinction between obscure and trivia. So, I claim an extra 3%.

Jeff Hentosz said...

"...DS9, the worst spin-off of the franchise."Oh, Todd, you're lucky Michelle is traveling today.

Oh, Todd.

Poor, poor Todd...

WendyB_09 said...

"You got 100% correct"

I get to stay a geek long enough to see the new Trek movie.

Nice to know I still got it!


Jenny said...

I got 60% which for me was quite amazing as there were only three that I felt I knew (food additives). Apart from them the rest was guess work so I guess I was lucky, since theoretically I should have got less (knowing 3, and getting a third of the rest right). Probably shouldn't even have attempted it as I've never seen anything to do with Star Trek and have just looked up what NPR stands for! Suppose I'm the wrong sort of geek for those questions.

Random Michelle K said...

1) 100% (unsurprisingly [the NPR names were the easiest part])

2) Todd, those are fighting words!

IMO DS9 was the only decent show in the franchise. Everything else was too... nice.

Random Michelle K said...



IIRC, arthropods have something similar that allows ceiling walking, so not impossible.

Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure I thought some of the NPR folks were food additives.

My Bad!

MWT said...

86% here too. One was because I suddenly couldn't remember how to spell Leeta, and the other was a food additive I mistook for an NPR personality. Basically I just guessed "NPR personality" for every name that wasn't a Star Trek character, yet still looked like the name of a person.

Anonymous said...

73%, but I am not ashamed for having skipped watching almost all of DS9 and missing the Honey Bare question. After all, I have changed out the keyboard on my laptop, figured out how to customize my own personal TiddlyWiki, hacked my DVD player and my DVR, and have gone to several scifi conventions (including ComicCon). So I don't need no stinking quiz to tell me that I'm a geek.

Carol Elaine said...

93%. Woo!

Only question I missed was #1 (sorry, Michelle, I don't know DS9 that well). I'm pretty good with food additives and I'm good at guessing NPR personalities.

Do I get something for second place?