Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nearly 25% Of Democrats Are Total Fucking Idiots.

According to a Fox Poll taken a week or so ago, 23% of Democrats questioned believe that Oprah Winfrey would make a good Supreme Court Justice. (The poll is linked as a PDF from an article linked on Examiner.com.)

OK, let's start with two caveats here.

1. The Constitution doesn't list any specific training or experience necessary to be named to the court. You don't have to be a lawyer or a judge or any particular kind of scholar. Frankly, I can imagine people who would be imminently qualified for the court without any of those prerequisites.

2. I don't have the personal knee-jerk, visceral reaction that Oprah seems to inspire in a lot of people, either positive or negative...but c'mon...Oprah?

Like I said, I really don't have any particular ax to grind with Oprah, and there are some things about her that I find highly admirable, but all of those those positive reactions to her end with the thought, "for a talk show host". She's Oprah Winfrey for Pete's sake.

Her recent love-fest with Jenny McCarthy doesn't really speak well for her. She seems to have bought into a few "non-fiction" books in recent memory that turned out to be mostly fiction. Everyone is aware of the phenomenon that takes place when Oprah "anoints" something or someone. And I suppose that's really not the end of the world when it comes to being a talk show host. So what if she endorses cosmetic procedures left and right, declaring "That's amazing!" So what if every woman in America decides she needs a pashmina shawl because Oprah declares it one of her favorite things. So what if we get stuck with Dr. Phil just because he helped analyze her jury? (Oh wait...that one really does suck.)

Anyway, even if the poll does come to us from Fox, that paragon of fairness, do I really believe they just made that one up to make Democrats look like idiots? No. I have to conclude that my fellow Democrats include our own lunatic fringe who could do us all a favor by limiting their interaction with the rest of us to voting how we tell them to.

I mean really....Oprah? I don't think it's any particular slur on her to say that she might not be considered the most deliberative person available. In her defense, I guess it would be awfully entertaining to read her majority opinion if she ever got to write one. Yeah, that'd be some scholarly work there.

Anyway, we appear to have dodged that particular bullet. And this also gave me the opportunity to lob a soft one to my hordes of non-Democrat readers. You're welcome.

We'll be back soon with your usually scheduled curmudgeon.


Janiece said...

The idea of Oprah sitting on the SCOTUS makes my blood run cold....

"We'll just visualize a happy outcome and it will appear!"

"Vaccines cause autism! Jenny McCarthy told me so!"

"Half-wit celebrities are as qualified to discuss women's health issues as Medical Doctors! Suzanne Sommers told me so!"


Eric said...

Enh. I mean, the bigger problem is with the poll, isn't it?

Put it this way: if someone from FauxNews asked me if Superman would make a great Supreme Court Justice, Well, sure he would. Superman is awesome. But aside from the fact that Superman is a made-up dude, he's also not on the short list of esteemed law professors and judges Mr. Obama is reportedly considering--something the Man Of Steel has in common with Oprah, Al Gore, and (almost definitely, rumors notwithstanding) Secretary Clinton.

So, y'know, as a pie-in-the-sky question, it seems kinda harmless. You could also interpret the result as meaning some chunk of the 23% didn't take the quiz seriously enough to give a serious answer. Did Faux ask about any of the real potentials?

Eric said...

(BTW that sucked to type.)

Eric said...

(just saw Janiece's HCDSM on the nomination. yay!)

Nathan said...


I can't really argue with your conclusions (Superman would be an awesome Justice), but honestly, no matter who asked me if Oprah would make a good Supreme, my response would have been, "Are you out of your mind?"

Carol Elaine said...

Don't get me started about Oprah. She's annoyed the crap outta me since she started throwing around her Epic Battle with Weight as The Most Serious Problem of This (Or Any Other) Century. Gah.

Yeah, most of us have weight and/or body image issues. But I'd rather see someone with a healthy body image who still works on being healthier (hello, Queen Latifah!) than a woman with tons of money and access to the best nutritionists/personal trainers whine about how She Can't Keep the Weight Off.

Join the club, sister.

Also, she should be punished for unleashing Dr. Phil on the world. Grrrr. Argh.

(Though if she had unleashed the physics professor/science fiction writer Dr. Phil on the world, I might have cut her a little slack.)

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, yeah, we have our own freeze-dried wack-a-loons on this side of the fence. The difference is we don't let them write policy.

Anonymous said...

Every Dr Phil Show ever taped:

Put down the donut, quit beatin' your wife and get a job!

Anonymous said...

I'd say the number of fucking idiots calling themselves Democrats is closer to 64%. I mean, Hillary Clinton? While she may have been a shrewd lawyer knowing who, and exactly how to screw in Arkansas, but knew just which boxes of documents to shred and which people to make "go away."